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New product added to the DEBATIN Medical range – customisable DEBAMED® dispenser for gel and liquid disinfectants

Just over a year ago, DEBATIN acquired L.E.S.S. France and integrated the company – market leader in France for tamper-evident packaging and transport solutions for diagnostic and medical samples – into the DEBATIN Group, where it now works hand in hand with the other subsidiaries. This acquisition has enabled DEBATIN to expand its [...]


“Made for Recycling” – DEBATIN products awarded certification for outstanding recycling potential

In an independent recycling assessment, DEBASAFE®, DEBAPOST® and UNIPACK® products recently scored an impressive 19 out of 20 points. Overall, the security bags, mailing bags and document pouches displayed impressive recycling potential, with just a single point deducted from the final score on account of the printing inks. The jury’s conclusion: “Made [...]


Debatin products in action: Leakproof DEBASAFE® medical transport bags for the State Veterinary Office

When blood or tissue samples need to be sent to a lab for further analysis, there’s always a risk that they could come into contact with pathogens or germs in the process. The samples could easily be contaminated during the preparatory stage, or whilst being handled by mail or [...]


The DEBATIN sustainability strategy: Sustainable procurement is non-negotiable!

Sustainability has always been a matter of utmost importance to DEBATIN. Over the last ten years, our general convictions have grown and developed into a detailed sustainability strategy that is now firmly anchored in DEBATIN’s corporate strategy. “We decided to nail our colours to the mast and transition to [...]


Debatin products in action: Sustainable DEBAPOST® Second Life paper mailing bags for Triple2 Sportswear GmbH, Munich

“We’re on a mission – to produce fair, environmentally friendly cycling clothing. This means aligning every single corporate process to our convictions, which is why we’re also mindful about how we package our premium cycling clothing,” explains Matthias Dreuw, founder and CEO of Munich-based Triple2 Sportswear GmbH. The “made in [...]


Sustainable products by DEBATIN: Tested, certified and recyclable

DEBATIN’s sustainability strategy and corporate strategy revolve around recyclability, mindful use of resources, a circular economy, environmental performance and carbon neutrality. In these areas, we’ve been practising what we preach for many, many years. Our company and our products are carbon neutral. Many of our products are made of recycled [...]

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