Debatin Alliance

The licence partner network

DEBATIN collaborates very closely with various license partners at an international level when developing and producing security and mailing bags.
In the Debatin Alliance, licence partners have joined forces to create a global network and are committed to complying with and implementing the guidelines and quality standards specifed by DEBATIN. The aim of the alliance is to increase awareness for the brand on the global market and to ensure product quality standards remain consistent

Licence partners in the Debatin Alliance:

  • RollsPack Pty Ltd., Melbourne/Australia
  • Plaslope (Pty) Ltd., Edenglen/South Africa
  • Manufacturas Polisac S.A., Nava de la Asuncion/Spain
  • Siltech Ltd., Moscow/Russia
  • Kuloday PVT. LTD, Mumbai/India
  • Anton Debatin GmbH, Bruchsal/Germany (Alliance headquarters)

DEBATIN standards – on a global scale
The DEBATIN Alliance sets joint quality standards and optimally bundles the license partners’ know-how. Customers around the world bene t from this alliance and know they can count on the high DEBATIN quality they’ve come to expect. ///