DEBAMED® Face masks

DEBAMED® Face masks are available in three versions: as approved SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic respiratory masks, as disposable medical face masks / surgical masks, and as disposable non-medical face masks in certified quality to protect oneself and others.

Schutzmasken (CPA)
DEBAMED Einweg-Gesichtsmaske/OP Masken
DEBAMED® Coummunity Schutzmaske

Approved SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic respiratory masks

To meet the demands of the ongoing pandemic, our SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic respiratory masks have been approved
as in line with EU pandemic legislation, following a fast-track approval procedure developed by the supervisory authority for
medical products. A copy of the approval report is included in each delivery.

Product characteristics

  • Particulate mask, folded
  • Type KN95
  • Individually packaged or in multipacks
  • Colour: White
  • Protection level: Approved KN95 SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus pandemic respiratory masks
  • Easy to use and very comfortable to wear
    (flexible nose clip, soft edges)
  • Nonreusable

Minimum order quantity: 700 pcs per box

Standard range

Item no.: 130H0000002

  • Quantity: 700 pcs per box

Disposable face masks / surgical masks

Disposable face masks: Hygienic and convenient. Made of high quality materials: Safe, soft and comfortable.
Flexible nose clip. Easy to use.

Product characteristics

  • Disposable triple-layer face mask
  • Protection level: EN 14683, type 1
  • With ear loops
  • Adjustable nose
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Colour: Blue

Minimum order quantity: 500 pcs packed to 50 pcs in a dispenser box

Standard range

Item no.: 130H0000297

  • Quantity: 2,000 pcs per box
  • Size: 175 mm x 95 mm

Community face masks / disposable mouth & nose covering

Disposable mouth & nose covering made from non-woven polypropylene (PP) in our own production facilities. The ties on the mask are tied behind the head in a bow or a double knot. The upper tie should be comfortably firm; the lower tie can be looser.

Product characteristics

  • Material: Non-woven polypropylene (PP), white
  • Density: 50 g /m² (+ 10 %)
  • Colour: White

Minimum order quantity: Information available on request

Standard range

Item no.: 000V0000013
  • Quantity: 200 pcs per box
  • Size: 200 x 950 mm

Schutzmaske (CPA)



DEBAMED® dispenser

DEBAMED® dispenser is a device for dispensing hand sanitiser in gel or liquid form. Operated manually via a foot control to eliminate all direct contact with the user’s hands, the dispenser is convenient and easy to use and thus ensures health and safety.

DEBAMED® Dispenser

Product characteristics

  • Metal dispenser
  • Dispenser for gels and liquid disinfectants
  • Operated manually via a foot control to eliminate all direct contact with hands
  • 2 holes on the base so that it can be screwed to the floor for extra stability
  • Durable and robust
  • Bespoke design and layout on request

Standard range

Item no.: 130H299

  • Dimensions of dispenser: 125 x 125 x 1000 mm
  • Dimensions of base plate: 250 X 250 mm, with two holes
  • Weight: 8 kg

Print on standard range


  • DEBATIN, DEBAMED® and L.E.S.S. Logo
  • Web address and DEBATIN social media links
  • Virus icon
  • Arrow to foot pedal


  • “Avoid contact” pictogram
  • Virus icon

Bespoke design on request.


We also stock the corresponding bottles of hand sanitiser:

Item no.: 130H300

  • 12 x 500 ml plastic bottles
  • incl. a box of 4 pumps (loose)

The dispenser can accommodate any 500 ml or 1000 ml gel bottle, round or square, preferably long-necked, with a diameter of ≤100 mm.

• Use your dispenser for advertising – customer-specific layouts available on request (subject to a surcharge)

• Padlock for the rear

• DEBAMED® gloves and face masks are also available – get the best value for your money with our DEBAMED® kit

DEBAMED Dispenser Dispenser als WerbeflächeDispenser als Werbefläche Desinfektionsmittel für DEBAMED Dispenser