DEBAMED® Protec-Bag

DEBAMED® Protec-Bag is an additional protective pouch for transporting and storing medical instruments after sterilisation. It is a simple, low-budget solution for customers looking to optimise storage or transport strategies. It can be used as outer packaging for bags, envelopes or bulky products (e.g., baskets, containers etc.) in operating theatres and in general health care environments, ensuring sterilised instruments remain sterile for longer.

DEBAMED® Soluble Bag

DEBAMED® Temperature sensor

DEBAMED® is a USB temperature
probe for reading, monitoring and recording temperatures when transporting samples of biological substances (-30 °C to +65 °C); it comes with factory calibration certificate.

DEBAMED® Speci-Bag

DEBAMED® Pharmacy Bag

DEBAMED® Pharmacy Bag are for safely transporting medication and non-infectious substances. The bags are for single use only. They ensure medication is transported safely from the central pharmacy to the patient. The bags are available in a range of sizes and versions for different applications.

DEBAMED Medikamententasche