DEBAMED® – Transport and Store Diagnostic and Medical Samples Tamper-Proof

L.E.S.S. France, based in Chelles near Paris, is an important member of the DEBATIN Group since 2019. Our subsidiary L.E.S.S. France is the national market leader in the field of packaging for the transport of biological samples. For many years, DEBATIN Bruchsal and DEBATIN Hoenheim (based in Alsace) have been manufacturing secondary packaging for biological samples in compliance with the statutory WHO, ADR and IATA regulations and with France’s GBEA II guidelines for good analysis performance. Our packaging solutions for diagnostics and medical applications meet the requirements of Packaging Instruction P650.

Tested and approved by independent laboratories, our secondary packaging meets the many demands placed on packaging in the field of biological samples – to give customers total peace of mind.

Together with our subsidiaries DEBATIN Hoenheim and L.E.S.S. France, we develop, produce and distribute a comprehensive and highly diverse range of consumable supplies, packaging and accessories for delivering biological samples. As a result, we can help you optimise your processes in this field. We place a strong focus on safety, practicality and conformity with current laws and regulations.

Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise! We’ll be delighted to support and advise you as you optimise your logistics.

DEBAMED® Speci-Bag

DEBAMED® Speci-Bag 95kPa


DEBAMED® Multi Box

DEBAMED® Protec-Bag

DEBAMED® Soluble Bag

DEBAMED® Temperatursensor

DEBAMED® Ultra Freeze

DEBAMED® Postal Pak

DEBAMED® Rigid Bio-Box

DEBAMED® Flexible Bio Box

DEBAMED® Isothermal Pouch


DEBAMED® Absorber with Compartments

DEBAMED® Absorber

DEBAMED® Bio Freeze

DEBAMED® Zip Lock Bag

DEBAMED® Eutectic Plates


DEBAMED® Pharmacy Bag