Sophisticated solutions for cash handling

DEBACASH® offers a variety of solutions for cash packaging, and for packaging materials for coins and banknotes.

DEBACASH® Security bags for bank notes or coins with tamper-evident sealing strip; coin rolling paper for automatic or manual coin rolling; paper bands for bundling bank notes; vacuum bags and shrink wrap for packaging bundled bank notes or coin rolls; tags for labelling coin bags; seals for sealing transport receptacles. The DEBACASH® range offers numerous solutions for handling cash. Whether you opt for a standard version or need a customised solution to meet your own specific requirements regarding format or print – DEBATIN, your specialist for packaging and security systems, manufactures all products to highest quality standards.

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Heavy duty coin machine rolling paper for fully automatic dispensers, sorted by colour, available in a range of lengths.


Sturdy paper coin tubes. Can be filled by all standard coin counting and sorting machines, or by hand.


Durable, transparent shrink-wrap for fully automatic coin packing machines, flat or semi-tubular film, available in various widths.


Sturdy, transparent vacuum pouch for shrink-wrapping coin rolls and banknotes. Available in various sizes.