DEBATIN is a specialist in the field of packaging and develops inspirational solutions that increase the safety and security of goods in transit.

The solutions we develop for our customers are conceived and nurtured in the DEBATIN Think Tank. This is a melting pot where ingenuity, experience and creative experimentation meet professional expertise and a keen understanding of materials. Our mission? To develop innovative products and solutions that make the world safer and more sustainable for everyone.

Equipped with engineering expertise, the team in our Think Tank is alert and ambitious. Everyone here has their finger on the pulse of progress. We respond to trends and changing legal requirements and sense what our customers might need before they even realise it themselves. Last but not least, this is the cradle of DEBAYOURS®.

DEBAYOURS Oliver Tröber

R&D engineer Oliver Tröber always finds ingenious solutions.

DEBAYOURS®: the back story

The premise: we know that everyone perceives their own tasks and challenges as being highly individual, so that’s where we provide answers. Firstly with our sophisticated Healthcare, Safety and Packaging product lines.

Our product portfolio caters to important contemporary demands for

Sustainability, Availability & Intelligence

When you need MORE, you get DEBAYOURS®

We turn on turbo mode…

… when customers need special, individual solutions that are holistically sustainable AND make good economic sense. But first of all we make sure the best response is close at hand: we don’t deal in second-best solutions.

DEBAYOURS® builds on our comprehensive understanding of processes and logistics chains. DEBAYOURS® is about fine-tuning our product portfolio to develop highly customised solutions that meet the diverse and unique challenges our customers face.

We create the “missing link” for your processes and logistics chains, because we know what it takes to keep things safe in transit. And why are we so good at what we do? Simple – because passion, personal responsibility and intrinsic motivation abound and thrive in our corporate group. That’s why important goals such as efficiency and sustainability are second nature to us. In our experience, it’s an approach that never fails to succeed.

DEBAYOURS Veronika Stricker

Her eagle eye misses nothing: Veronika Stricker, Head of QA.

DEBAYOURS Christophe Houdé

Listening, understanding, the hitting the bullseye every time: Christophe Houdé, Sales.

Our customer service starts at the very beginning: presales

All we want from after-sales is to know you’re happy!

Packaging is part of the logistics process, and, perhaps more than ever before, a vital part of the supply chain. Anyone who launches packaging on the market has a responsibility, as do those who manufacture packaging. For a hundred years now, DEBATIN has embraced this responsibility as we provide solutions for one of the most important factors in the logistics chain, namely safety. Which always goes hand in hand with sustainability.

DEBATIN’s products and our customised DEBAYOURS® solutions play important roles in supply chains in a wide range of industries. We have a supply chain of our own, and we play a part in the supply chains of our customers. We are both procurer and provider. Supply chains underpin our core expertise.

From A to B – and everything arrives safely!
Safe. Perfect. Packed. From A to Z.

There’s no such thing as a delivery without packaging!

Our sincere commitment to making the world safer and more sustainable for everyone is reflected in the illustrious fact that DEBATIN was the first company to reach Level 3 and be certified as a “BME Sustainable Procurement Organisation”.

As a member of the DERIBA Group, we’re pioneers in the industry, working hard to create a closed loop for plastic packaging. In fact, we already use a very high percentage of PCR (post-consumer recycled) film in the manufacture of our products.

We developed DEBAYOURS® so that we can help our customers do business more sustainably – because only by pulling together can we make our world a safer and greener place.

DEBAYOURS Hans-Walter Trepper

Closing the loop: Hans-Walter Trepper, Head of the Procurement Department

DEBAYOURS Sina Simonis

Sina Simonis (student of Business Studies) imparts fresh knowledge to the Marketing Department.

Knowledge is power.

Ignorance is not an option.

We established the DEBATIN ACADEMY in order to share with our customers the knowledge and expertise we’ve accumulated as solution providers – and to keep expanding our horizons. The DEBATIN ACADEMY is the platform we use to share and expand our skills and expertise. It allows DEBATIN to optimise knowledge transfer by drawing not only on in-house expertise, but also on external professionals, who share their expertise via a wide range of webcasts and whitepapers.

All projects in which THE DEBATIN ACADEMY is involved fall under our motto and mission, namely: advising means understanding.