DEBASAFE® – Tamper Evident Packaging for Transportation of Valuable and Sensible Content

Whether cash, valuables, confidential documents, forensic evidence or material samples – DEBASAFE® Safebags were specially developed for content that must be transported and/or stored in a tamper-proof manner and protected against unauthorized access, additionally the bags meet the highest security requirements. Different locking variants and codes reliably indicate any attempts at manipulation and enable seamless tracking.

The close cooperation with users and customers throughout development, production and certified-test procedures guarantees the highest practical relevance and enables the fulfillment of special, industry-specific and individual requirements. Individual special sizes are also possible, as is a customer-specific design of safebags, secure seals and labels, and cash-handling products.

DEBASAFE® security bags

Security Bags

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DEBASAFE® agriculture

DEBASAFE agriculture

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DEBASAFE automotive

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