Air-bubble-bags carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly

One job, one (sustainable) material, lots of advantages – that’s DEBATIN’s DEBA-AIR® PCR air-bubble mailing bags in a nutshell. Here, 80 % PCR (post-consumer recycled) material is teamed with a surprisingly plain and simple ally: air! The addition of air allows you to transport fragile objects safely without having to wrap them first in lots of paper. Moreover, the fact that they’re made of only one material means DEBA-AIR® PCR bags don’t have to be torn apart for recycling. Which in turn means they’re easier to recycle. Last but not least, the flap adheres powerfully to the bag to keep prying fingers out and the contents safely inside.

Air-bubble-bags with outer document pouch

DEBA-AIR® – tear-proof and puncture-resistant polythene mailing bags.
Polythene DEBA-AIR® mailing bags are padded with bubble wrap, and are tear-proof and puncture-resistant, reliably protecting their contents. With optimum padding yet light as a feather, these ingenious air-bubble-bags are a low-cost alternative for posting items – you can save on unnecessary extra padding, and hence on postal charges. 
The highlight: DEBA-AIR® products feature an outer document pouch which ensures your shipping papers are well protected, and can also be used for the address and franking.