DEBASAFE® security bags
Safe bags for transporting money or valuables

DEBASAFE® security bags with tamper-evident taped strip.

DEBASAFE® security bags for transporting cash and valuables offer maximum protection, and come complete with numerous security features. Tamper-evident taped strips in three security grades, tear-proof bags and security overprints enable you to send valuable items securely. We are also happy to adapt these security bags to order, to meet your specific needs and requirements.


fleece security bags – dye-permeable fleece security bags

DEBATEX fleece – dyes the contents of the bag if the cash transport case is opened by an unauthorised person.

DEBATEX® fleece security bags form part of a non-incendiary CIT system, working exclusively on the basis of ink which dyes the contents of the bags if these are opened by an unauthorised person. 
The pouch part of these bags consists of micro-perforated fleece fabric which is particularly absorbent and able to transport fluids (ink) to the inside of the pouch. Thanks to the fact that it is permeable to dye, bank notes are reliably and immediately discoloured and made unusable if the cash transport case is opened without authorisation.

Features of DEBASAFE® fleece security bags:

  • micro-perforated fleece fabric
  • high level of dye-permeability to the inside
  • tamper-evident taped strip in three security grades
  • all conventional types of barcode including CashEDI and consecutive numbering
  • with one or more tear-off receipts (optional)
  • can be made to order and printed with your chosen design (on request

DEBATEX® fleece security bags are available with three different types of seal in varying security grades, offering you maximum protection against tampering. In addition, the foil part of the security bags can be printed with your own customer-specific information (e.g., barcode).

DEBASAFE® fleece – dye-permeable security bags by DEBATIN – made in Germany!


Security bags with RFID transmitter chip

DEBASAFE® RFID – security bags with advanced applications.

DEBASAFE® RFID with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) transmitter chips are an ideal addition to the range of standard DEBASAFE security bags for transporting money and valuables, opening the door to a far wider range of applications.

In addition to a tamper-evident taped strip and numerous further security features, the RFID transmitter chip integrated in every DEBASAFE® RFID security bag enables you to add additional information to each bag individually. This information can be read by a scanner as the security bag or valuables “fly” past – turning the DEBASAFE® RFID into a bag with a memory.

DEBASAFE® autocash

Efficient solutions for Automated cash management processes

DEBASAFE® autocash – Our new product development for safes.

Cash cycles have to be designed more efficientlyin the future. Automated cash management processes are the key here.

Large chain stores are vigorously equipping themselves. A wide range of devices from various manufacturers are being implemented to pave the way for automated cash management processes. These devices and safes siphon cash away from daily operations in a secure, fast and efficient manner. In order to transport the cash in an equally secure, fast and efficient manner, many businesses store the cash inside security bags which are locked safely inside the respective device.

This means the cash remains within a closed system and cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons. For such processes, cash needs to be stacked neatly and safely – such that the piles cannot slip out of place – and locked away securely.
DEBATIN meets these requirements with a wide range of safe bag solutions, developed in conjunction with various partners. With the aid of special mechanical engineering, our production machines were optimised and can now deliver customised solutions. Special punching dies, new materials, extreme precision, new closures, new tamper protection, side pleats, mechanical reinforcements and mounting fixtures are just some of the additions we have made to our tried and trusted safe bags, culminating in two new patents being registered last year alone.

Thanks to such solutions, post processing of cash after collection is reduced to a minimum – saving businesses time and money. We have partnered with other companies to develop the decisive parameters for depositing and stacking banknotes cleanly, and have conducted joint field tests to validate these parameters.

DEBASAFE autocash