DEBATIN’s voluntary sustainability report

For the first time, we’ve decided to publish a detailed report. Sustainability has been high on DEBATIN’s agenda for many years now, because we want to protect our planet on behalf of future generations.

In 2017, Anton Debatin GmbH began to focus on carbon-neutral production. But we don’t confine our efforts to meeting the mere letter of the laws and standards. Today we’d like to share a few glimpses behind the scenes and show you what our commitment looks like in concrete terms.

We’ve come a long way, and we’re proud of it. Our progress to date is what motivates us as we face the long road ahead. We’d like to share, openly and voluntarily, how we actively adjust our business practices to make them both sustainable and successful. We’ll also be sharing key data from the DNK (German sustainability code).

In some places, we provide links to more detailed information we published in the past. If you’re new to the whole subject, you may well find these helpful. They’re also perfect for people who like to read all the “fine print”. So please do click on the links… but don’t forget to come back to this page!

In order not to overwhelm you with information, we’ve decided to publish our story little by little, so we’ll be sharing a new chapter every week.

We cordially invite you to engage with our report, and we also look forward to receiving your feedback!

Full report

DEBATIN’s voluntary sustainability report

For all those who care about sustainability as much as we do, and who spare no effort for it – here’s the full report.

Chapter 1

Why publish a sustainability report?

Because it’s important to show how much is in the realms of possibility. Even in our industry. We believe everyone is capable of acting sustainably – if they want to.

chapter 2 of the DEBATIN sustainability report

Chapter 2

Plastic is plastic – it all gets recycled!

If you separate your waste, all is well? Sadly not. Because sustainability starts with materials.

Chapter 3

Can you buy sustainability?

“What’s the cheapest option?” That question is old hat. Nowadays, we should be asking, “What’s the most sustainable option?” We’re even awarding a prize!

chapter three of the DEBATIN sustainability report
Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Carbon offsets: pat answer or real solution?

If you want to change the world for real, you need to look at your carbon footprint. And no, carbon credits aren’t silver bullets.

Chapter 5

What is social sustainability?

Working from home. More feminine leadership. A healthy work-life balance. We explain how DEBATIN supports its employees.

Chapter 5
chapter 6

Chapter 6

Including climate change in training curricula?

Helping employees perform their tasks confidently, giving them access to personal development and career development opportunities, allowing them to use their initiative – all these things require a modern, sustainable strategy.

Chapter 7

Can progress be halted?

Fore-thought requires hind-sight. Otherwise, innovations will just remain pie in the sky. How do we build a strong foundation for new ideas? Read on…

Chapter 7

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