DEBASAFE® Forensic

Security Bags for Forensic Traces and Evidence


Breathable security bags

Breathable DEBABREATHETM bags feature the tried and trusted qualities of the DEBASAFETM security bags together with a closure which can be resealed multiple times. Microprint protects the welded seams, whilst the patented DEBATAPE high plus sealing strip reliably protects the stored evidence against tampering and unauthorised access.



Breathable DEBABREATHETM bags feature the tried and trusted qualities of the DEBASAFETM security bags. Now available with international design and labeling field.

DEBASAFE® Faraday bag

Antistatic ESD (electrostatic discharge) bags for prevention of data manipulation

ESD bags, made from metallised nylon fleece*, prevent unauthorised access to the data or programmes stored on mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Once inside an antistatic bag, the device can no longer receive or delete data. This makes it impossible to manipulate data, and the devices reliably remain in the exact condition in which they were found.

* Metallised (copper, nickel) nylon fleece for comprehensive protection against high-frequency radiation (HF) and low-frequency electric fields (LF).

Forensic shoe bag

With 2 different chambers

These forensic bags can be used for shoes found at the scene of a crime/accident. They are breathable and feature two separate chambers. As a result, they are ideal for securing and storing damp evidence which must not get mouldy. These resealable bags can be labelled and also used to store other evidence such as vehicle number plates. For final storage, the tried and trusted DEBATAPE high plus closure can be used.

Forensic bottle bags

With bottom gusset

Made from thick film, forensic bottle bags are available in two sizes and feature a pleated base which allows the bottle to stand upright. The sturdy film makes it much harder to smudge or wipe off evidence from the outside of the bottle. The DEBATAPE high plus sealing strip then reliably protects the bottles or other items of evidence against tampering.

Forensic fingerprint bags

With perforated bar

Forensic fingerprint bags were developed to secure and store evidence and fingerprints. These forensic bags can be sealed easily with the DEBATAPE high plus closure. They have a high gas barrier which prevents ninhydrin – the chemical which makes fingerprints visible – from escaping. The bags include a perforated bar for archiving and filing purposes.

Forensic fire debris bags

With cardboard scoop

Forensic fire debris bags include a cardboard scoop for easy recovery of ashes or traces of fire at the scene of a crime or accident. Impervious to fire accelerants, evidence can be stored reliably and securely. Evidence can be retrieved for laboratory tests via four pre-printed openings. Once the sample has been extracted, these openings can be closed again easily.