Our campaign for Sustainable document pouches

We are all aware of current environmental themes such as global warming, marine pollution through plastic and excessive use of resources. It’s clear that we need to fundamentally change our way of thinking; the status quo cannot continue.
As a manufacturer of packaging materials, we are greatly concerned about these issues. We are totally aware that our products need to be subjected to a critical examination. For this reason, we are working hard to ensure that our products are manufactured and used in a manner which is as environmentally neutral as possible. We want to take responsibility and play our part in improving the environment.

DEBABEE presents, how we turn this thoughts/projects into reality

DEBABEE – symbol for biodiversity and for the protection of natural habitats and resources, ans mascot for our sustainability campaign. Always as smart and busy as a bee 🙂

DebaBee Recycling

Use of recycled foils

Together with selected partner companies, we are working on a recycling loop for foils. To make recycling easier, we refrain from using foil laminates and compound foils wherever it is possible. Instead, virtually all the foils we use for our document pouches are almost exclusively recycled.

Increasingly, we are using recycled foils and giving them a “second life”. These form the basis for new, innovative and sustainable products. After use, these products can join the recycling loop once again. This is an important step towards saving resources and protecting the environment.

Use of FSC® Paper

Our environment offers valuable resources, which must be treated with respect and protected at all costs. For this reason, we only use paper from exemplary FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources

By choosing FSC®-certified wood, we help to protect our forests and their unique ecosystem, and play our part in ensuring responsible forest management. In this manner, we hope to combat illegal deforestation and stop forests from disappearing.

Debabee FSC
Debabee Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutral company and products

As in all processes, CO2 is emitted during the extraction of our raw materials and the manufacture of our products. By saving energy wherever possible and optimising the efficiency of our production processes, we try to keep this output to a minimum. We compensate for any CO2 we emit by supporting climate protection projects. In doing so, DEBATIN does far more than simply compensate for its own production processes. We also include the manufacturing of our raw materials – foils, paper, glues etc. – in our calculations. This approach is known as “Cradle to Gate”. In other words, from the moment the raw materials are extracted (cradle) to the moment the finished products leave our factory (gate), we compensate for all emissions – and can thus class our production as carbon-neutral.

Our DEBABEE is particularly excited about the establishment of a beekeeping school to promote beekeeping, which has virtually died out in this area.

Tofo Bee

By purchasing climate protection certificates, we support long-term projects which will benefit the climate, in turn benefitting both ourselves and future generations. Projects such as the “Bujagali Hydropower Project” in Uganda and the “PROJECT TOGO” climate project help to improve living standards for the respective local population, also by creating new and permanent workplaces. All these projects centre around nature conservation, the protection of the environment and the impact of climate change on people and nature.

Debabee Action