Self-adhesive document pouch

UNIPACK® self-adhesive bags protect all types of freight documents, operating manuals, shipping papers etc., worldwide. 
The extensive range of standard products includes document pouches in five different sizes, with three different closure systems and various overprints. These pouches offer optimum, environmentally-friendly support for day-to-day logistics processes and tasks.

Self-adhesive premium document pouch

UNIPACK®-premium – self-adhesive bags for documents, operating manuals etc.

Thanks to extra-strong foil, UNIPACK® premium document pouches are even sturdier, and can cope with extreme pressure. Freight documents, invoices and delivery notes are given optimum protection. The bags are totally weatherproof, environmentally friendly, and are in service reliably and securely around the globe. 
UNIPACK® premium stands for easy, rapid handling and optimum logistics and shipping processes.

Sturdy document pouch for heavy-duty use

UNIPACK® EXPORT – reliable document pouch for freight documents.
Document pouches have to protect their contents – freight documents, for example – with utmost reliability throughout transit, even under severe conditions. UNIPACK® EXPORT mailing bags are extremely sturdy, and were developed specially for such use. As well as a self-adhesive back, these bags also feature a broad strip for stapling purposes, so that it can be affixed even more securely. This means that UNIPACK® EXPORT bags can be affixed securely and safely even to wooden freight crates.
A separate document pocket ensures that freight documents are not damaged when the bag is affixed.

Lightweight document pouch

DEBAPAC® document pouches are perfect for sending invoices, delivery notes or freight documents, and have proven their worth a million times over. Tear-proof polypropylen film and an adhesive closure ensure that documents reach their destination safely and intact, anywhere in the world.


DEBAPAC® Paper document pouches are suitable for sending invoices, delivery notes, operating instructions or other, even sensitive papers. An adhesive seal ensures that the documents arrive safely and intact with the recipient worldwide. The bags are made of glassine paper in France.