Security seals and labels

DEBASEAL® cable seals

for securely sealing all types of intermodal containers, container lorries, doors, etc. Ideal for freight forwarders who deploy containers or overseas shipping containers for exports, available as high-security plug seals or cable seals, as meter seals, bank seals or all-purpose security seals. The seals can only be opened with a cable cutter. Customisable!

DEBAPULL® Pull-tight seals

Highly secure pull-tight seals in various sizes for sealing ATM cartridges, airline trolleys, emergency escape doors etc.

DEBASEAL® Bag seals

Sturdy and tamper-evident bag seals in various sizes, for sealing all kinds of bags and sacks (i.e., money bags, mail bags, transport bags) as well as air freight and roll containers.

DEBASEAL® Container seals

Container seals for sealing all types of containers.

DEBASEAL® Key seals

Key seals for sealing key rings, lockers, medicine cabinets etc. High security alternative to conventional locks or key rings.


DEBASEAL® Security labels

Security labels for verifying attempts at tampering.