Reference samples are legal requirements in many fields, including the food and feed industries. These samples serve as evidence, enabling producers to go back and verify the quality of any given batch at the moment of packaging. In order to store such samples in a tamper-evident manner, Debatin developed its DEBASAFE® agriculture range of security bags. These are also deployed by other industries. For example, they are used to store reference samples of pellets / woodchips.

The price per kilo or tonne of wood pellets varies depending on the moisture content – the dryer the pellets, the better the quality and the higher the price. As a result, tampering poses a particular problem in this field. For this reason, one essential requirement in the ENplus certification programme for wood pellets is to control the entire supply chain – from production through to delivery to the end customer. Reference samples are mandatory for certified pellet manufacturers.

Inside our DEBASAFE® agriculture security bags with self-adhesive sealing strip, samples are stored reliably; any attempt to open the bag mechanically, thermally or chemically is displayed. Each bag features a barcode, consecutive numbering and a receipt so that manufacturers can furnish evidence for the quality of their wood pellets as and when required.

Naturally, we are happy to tailor the size of our DEBASAFE® agriculture security bags to customer specifications and/or add customised printing on request.