What are the different types of recycling? Terminology / definition


Recycling means “using again” or “reprocessing”, and describes a procedure in which waste is processed to create products, materials or fabrics that can either be used again for the same purpose, or used for a different purpose (see Section 3, paragraph 25 of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act).


Recyclates are secondary materials which serve as a basis for manufacturing new, quality products, i.e., recycled plastics from so-called post-consumer waste. Recyclates are manufactured via a cleaning process. In many cases, recyclates are mixed with other materials to create new products.


Reclaimed materials are waste products from manufacturing processes. After being ground or crushed to a suitable degree, they are returned to the manufacturing process.


Post-consumer recycling refers to the reprocessing of post-consumer waste, i.e., the plastic waste that accumulates in domestic households or in offices.