Confidential HR documents, like WIM files, are subject to special requirements with regard to storage and due diligence. Documents pertaining to corporate Workplace Integration Management, for example. Frequently, companies store WIM files separately – which costs both space and time.

With Debatin’s new WIM safebags, you can store HR documents in a tamper-evident manner and in complete compliance with data protection laws. Equipped with a DEBATAPE high plus security closure, DEBASAFE WIM safebags are signed by the person responsible, and any attempt to open or manipulate the safebag will not go unnoticed; further, the safebag can be stored conveniently and compactly inside the personnel file. Unauthorised access is reliably displayed.

What is WIM?

Workplace Integration Management is a measure to resolve ongoing or repeated inability to work. Larger companies generally employ a WIM officer to help reintegrate employees who have been unfit to work for extended periods of time.

If an employee takes sick leave for more than six weeks consecutively or on a recurrent basis during any given calendar year, the employer will arrange – with the consent and involvement of the employee concerned – a talk with the responsible employee representative.  Here they will discuss ways, measures and support options to overcome the issue, prevent repeat episodes and ensure the employee can keep their job. Where necessary, a medical officer or in-house doctor may be consulted. Where participation-oriented benefits or employment support are deemed to be of use, the employer will involve the local joint rehabilitation services.

Persons with the authority to make HR decisions – members of the management board, or the direct superior of the employee, for example – may only view WIM documents with the express consent of the employee concerned.