Air-bubble-bags with outer document pouch

DEBA-Air – tear-proof and puncture-resistant polythene mailing bags.
Polythene DEBA-AIR mailing bags are padded with bubble wrap, and are tear-proof and puncture-resistant, reliably protecting their contents. With optimum padding yet light as a feather, these ingenious air-bubble-bags are a low-cost alternative for posting items – you can save on unnecessary extra padding, and hence on postal charges. 
The highlight: DEBA-AIR products feature an outer document pouch which ensures your shipping papers are well protected, and can also be used for the address and franking.


Features of DEBA-AIR®:

  • outer document pouch for shipping papers, can also be used for address and franking
  • outer document pouch with overlapping closure available to order
  • saves postage costs, thanks to the fact that it is equally reliable, yet 35% lighter than conventional air-bubble-bags
  • extra sturdy welded seam
  • self-adhesive closure
  • available in 5 standard sizes
  • can be overprinted in colour on one side on request (also applies to document pouches)
  • minimum order for special editions: 10,000/20,000 units (dependent on size)
  • Customised UNIPACK® special editions with up to 4 printing inks and special sizes available on request. UNIPACK® is also available in PREMIUM quality.

DEBA-Air air-bubble-bags can be recycled without having to remove the padding first, and are hence environmentally friendly.

Please note:

We take the environment seriously. For this reason, we use only environmentally-friendly polyethylene in the production of our DEBA-AIR® products. Polyethylene can be recycled, does not contaminate groundwater, and does not emit poisonous gases when burned.

DEBA-AIR air-bubble-bags with outer document pouch by DEBATIN – made in Germany!