All-rounder flat bags with PE label

DEBABAG® – packing made simple, with transparent flat bags.

DEBABAG® universal flat bags are ideal for packaging a wide range of items, including textiles, foodstuffs, plastics or metals.
DEBABAG® products are made of tear-proof, transparent polythene, and are available in a range of strengths and sizes. Available with customised print on request.


Features of DEBABAG®:

  • sizes ranging from 70x100mm to 60 x 800 mm
  • foil strengths from 25, 50 and 90μm, transparent polythene
  • with PE label
  • customised printing on request
  • special editions available to order

Please note:

We take the environment seriously. For this reason, we use only environmentally-friendly polyethylene in the production of our DEBABAG® products. Polyethylene can be recycled, does not contaminate groundwater, and does not emit poisonous gases when burned.

DEBABAG® – all-rounder flat bags by DEBATIN!