The universal flat bag that benefits the environment

DEBABAG®PCR – a transparent flat bag for simple and sustainable packaging

Whatever you need to pack, be it textiles, plastic or metal parts, or more exotic products, our tear-proof, transparent PE film made from post-consumer recycled material has got you covered.

This sustainable packaging solution not only ensures our “Safe. Perfect. Packed” guarantee, but also helps meet your scope 3 emissions targets: good for the environment, and good for your customers who prioritise sustainability.

DEBABAG®PCR is available in various sizes. Upon request, we can customize the DEBABAG®PCR with your logo or label, providing space for your brand to stand out.

All-rounder flat bags with PE label

DEBABAG® – packing made simple, with transparent flat bags.

DEBABAG® universal flat bags are ideal for packaging a wide range of items, including textiles, foodstuffs, plastics or metals.
DEBABAG® products are made of tear-proof, transparent polythene, and are available in a range of strengths and sizes. Available with customised print on request.