DEBAMED® keeping diagnostic and medical samples safe and secure en route to the lab

Laboratory work is complex – and so are laboratory logistics! For nearly 100 years, DEBATIN has steadily pursued its core focus of developing and producing tamper-evident packaging materials, including products that are suitable for diagnostic, biological and medical samples. As a reliable international supplier, we’ve designed our DEBAMED® products to make processes safe and secure and protect our customers in their daily work.

L.E.S.S. France, market leader in France for transporting biological samples, and one of the packaging industry’s foremost players for laboratory packaging, is an important pillar of our Group, and has reinforced DEBATIN’s foothold and expertise in the medical packaging industry.

DEBAMED® products comply with the statutory WHO, ADR and IATA regulations and with France’s GBEA II guidelines for good analysis performance. Our solutions for diagnostics and medical applications meet the requirements of Packaging Instruction P650. As a result, our customers can enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that our DEBAMED® secondary packaging meets the many demands placed on packaging in the field of biological samples.

In our capacity as solution providers, we’ve made it our job to understand the processes our customers use. We’ve channelled this knowledge into the development of a portfolio of packaging products that combines outstanding quality with contemporary, planet-friendly solutions for logistics. 

Benefit from our extensive experience and expertise. We’d be delighted to provide the solutions you seek, and offer support and advice as you optimise your logistics.

DEBAMED® Speci-Bag

DEBAMED® Speci-Bag 95kPa


DEBAMED® Multi Box

DEBAMED® Protec-Bag

DEBAMED® Soluble Bag

DEBAMED® Temperatursensor

DEBAMED® Ultra Freeze

DEBAMED® Postal Pak

DEBAMED® Rigid Bio-Box

DEBAMED® Flexible Bio Box

DEBAMED® Isothermal Pouch


DEBAMED® Absorber with Compartments

DEBAMED® Absorber

DEBAMED® Bio Freeze

DEBAMED® Zip Lock Bag

DEBAMED® Eutectic Plates


DEBAMED® Pharmacy Bag