DEBAPOST® Second life
mailing bags made with film in Blue Angel quality

DEBAPOST® Second life – high quality courier bags for postal use.
DEBAPOST® Second life mailing bags with Blue Angel certification for e-commerce and online shopping. Manufactured from more than 80% recycled waste, these mailing bags with PCR film provide a sustainable form of packaging for courier and mail order businesses. Using post-consumer recycling material is environmentally friendly and saves resources.

Envelopes made of tear-proof polythene

DEBAPOST® – high quality courier bags for postal use.
DEBAPOST® envelopes ensure your magazines, brochures, catalogues and marketing materials reach their destination safely and in an attractive packaging. Made of transparent, tear-proof polythene, these courier bags can also be printed to order – making them an ideal form of advertising in their own right, even en route.
When sealed, the glue from the adhesive closure is transferred from the flap to the envelope, ensuring that the contents do not stick to the flap when they are removed from the envelope.

Our DEBAPOST® mailing bags (printed and plain) with COF comply with DHL specifications and are hence

perfectly suited for transporting goods.

Everybody talks about COF when it comes to mailing bags. But what exactly is COF, and what does it have to do with DHL specifications?

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DEBAPOST® Paper Second life
Mailing bags made of recycled paper

DEBAPOST® Paper Second life

DEBAPOST® Paper Second life mailing bags made from 100% recycled paper protect your products reliably thanks to special moisture-resistant paper. And the best part: after their initial use, these bags can be reused (“Second life”) as compostable bin liners for organic waste.