“We’re on a mission – to produce fair, environmentally friendly cycling clothing. This means aligning every single corporate process to our convictions, which is why we’re also mindful about how we package our premium cycling clothing,” explains Matthias Dreuw, founder and CEO of Munich-based Triple2 Sportswear GmbH. The “made in Europe” manufacturer of premium, environmentally friendly cycling clothing took the deliberate decision from the start not to use plastic packaging (the conventional option in the textile industry). Instead, the company initially used fresh fibre paper, dyed white, to deliver its textiles to retailers, stores and shops, sealing its parcels with metal clips. However, the company wanted to improve on this and find a more sustainable, preferably biodegradable, option. This was not an easy task – until Triple2 stumbled across DEBATIN’s exhibition stand at the OutDoor by ISPO 2019 trade fair, the main theme of which was sustainability. “Environmentally friendly DEBAPOST® Paper Second Life mailing bags are made 100 % of recycled paper, are produced carbon neutrally in Germany, and to top it all, they’re biodegradable. We were instantly hooked!”

Direct packaging for textiles: DEBAPOST® Second Life paper mailing bags are environmentally friendly, carbon neutral and fully biodegradable

At the beginning of 2020, Triple2 switched to packaging 80 % of its products directly in DEBAPOST® Second Life bags. The bags aren’t transparent, so the company adds a self-adhesive label to indicate the content. 

By opting for DEBATIN’s environmentally friendly, carbon neutral and fully recyclable packaging, the company has been able to significantly simplify and optimise packaging, logistics and returns. It’s a win-win situation: recipients enjoy unwrapping their goodies, while the company leaps closer to its goal of becoming the first brand for cycling clothing with a zero carbon footprint. “In future, we plan to include different bag sizes so that 100 % of our packaging is environmentally friendly,” adds Dreuw.

DEBAPOST® Second Life

DEBAPOST® Second Life paper mailing bags are made of 100 % recycled paper, are certified Blue Angel, and are produced fully carbon neutrally in Germany. These high quality, flexible mailing bags are made of tear-proof recycled paper and feature block bottoms to protect their contents. They’re suitable for keeping courier deliveries and individual clothing shipments safe and sound  (e.g., for internet shopping), are sustainable and carbon neutral, and even serve a clever double purpose: after their initial use, they can be reused (“Second life”) as compostable bin liners for organic waste. 

DEBAPOST® Second Life paper mailing bags:

  • Single layer mailing bags made of brown, tear-proof, recycled, biodegradable paper
  • For added convenience, the base includes an inward fold that expands automatically as you fill the bag 
  • Easier to handle whilst filling thanks to safety flap with double fold. This also conceals the contents from sight and protects against tampering during transit
  • Unlike conventional silicone tapes, the innovative tape on the adhesive strip can be recycled normally with other waste paper
  • Perforated tear strip
  • The mailing bags can be reused for returns or other deliveries 
  • The best part: after their initial use, these bags can be reused (“Second life”) as compostable bin liners for organic waste
  • A wide range of standard sizes, or special sizes can also be made to order

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