DEBATIN places a strong focus on family-friendly structures and satisfied employees. We’re committed to being an attractive, family-focused employer, building a strong and stable DEBATEAM, motivating our employees and achieving success together. To do justice to these goals, we began in 2018 to introduce strategic, family-friendly HR policies that cater to the different phases of our employees’ lives. Our efforts were successfully examined, reviewed and certified through the multi-stage workandfamily audit – allowing us now to proudly bear the “workandfamily” logo. 

The workandfamily audit is a management tool. It helps companies to systematically introduce, manage and flesh out family-friendly policies that account for the different phases of life. Our first certification renewal audit took place during the last few months, and on 22 June 2021, we were awarded our second workandfamily audit certificate during an online event. The icing on the cake: Anton Debatin GmbH was selected from among the companies renewing their certification to feature in a short spotlight interview. We were able to present key features of our HR policies and how DEBATIN has implemented them.

Status quo, workshops and new goals

The first step of the audit process, led by berufundfamilie Service GmbH, was to document the status quo – in other words, to list the family-friendly measures DEBATIN has already implemented to cater to different phases of our employees’ lives. This was followed by workshops in which staff from HR, members of the management team and representatives from the DEBATEAM worked with professionals from berufundfamilie Service GmbH to systematically explore our company’s potential, develop strategies and set new targets for the future.

Specifically, our focus here at DEBATIN over the next three years will be on making our shift models, workplaces and work organisation more flexible. We’ll also be working on improving our internal and external communication, developing a wider range of services for families, and taking a closer look at various leadership issues.

Online award ceremony

During the online award ceremony on 22 June 2021, a total of 287 employers (135 companies, 118 institutions and 34 universities) received certification for successfully completing either the workandfamily audit or the family-friendly university audit. Thirty of these were renewing their certification, DEBATIN included. Various prominent people delivered speeches at the event, including Oliver Schmitz, CEO of berufundfamilie Service GmbH; Christine Lambrecht, patroness of the audit and Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ); and John-Philip Hammersen, CEO of the non-profit Hertie Foundation. There was also an interview with Ms Petra Mackroth, Director of the Family Affairs Department in the BMFSFJ, and a keynote speech given by Dr Auma Obama. Melanie Wörner, HR officer for Anton Debatin GmbH, was chosen to represent the companies renewing their certification and gave a short presentation on key features of DEBATIN’s HR policies. 

DEBATIN walks the talk with family-friendly structures

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and family is an important part of DEBATIN’s corporate philosophy and sustainability strategy. It’s also an ongoing process. But it’s one we’re very happy to work on – because we want to anchor family-friendly structures even more firmly in our company culture and be an attractive employer for our DEBATEAM.

For more information on DEBATIN’s family-friendly HR policies, please visit the following links (please note that these are in German):

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