Debatin Think Tank

From idea to innovative product

Transforming ideas into innovative products: the DEBATIN THINK TANK is a breeding ground for new product ideas. It’s also the nursery in which existing products evolve and mature, and the workshop where we develop individual solutions for customers and industries. The products spawned here are unique and revolutionary – for example, our patented DEBATAPE high plus® closure with all-round protection, or our DEBATEX® security bags, or our tamper-evident DEBASAFE® security bags and pouches for forensic evidence. The DEBATIN THINK TANK is a melting pot for ingenuity, experience, creative experimentation, professional expertise and a keen understanding of materials. One of the core tasks of the THINK TANK is developing special products to order. Our team of specialists liaises closely with the relevant customer to ensure the new product matches the requirements perfectly. During the development phase, the team examines material properties, production alternatives and different closures, and identifies tampering risks. Once all these aspects have been taken into account, a prototype is developed. This is then subjected to extensive testing and tweaking before being pronounced ready for production. The resulting products are unique, high quality solutions – and can be customised or individualised on request.

Just like the DEBA IDEA POT, the DEBATIN THINK TANK plays an important role in our systematic, target-oriented and cross-departmental innovation management strategy. The entire DEBATEAM seeks to infuse every aspect of their work with the spirit of innovation. In 2020, DEBATIN featured on the TOP 100 list of Germany’s most innovative SMEs.

The THINK TANK is a melting pot for versatility, innovation, flexibility, quality, experience and professional expertise. These attributes lay the foundation for unique, customised solutions and ongoing product development for a wide range of industries and requirements. ///