Debatin Think Tank

From idea to innovative product

In the DEBATIN think tank, we work on new product concepts, further product developments and individual customer and industry solutions. This is where one-of-a-kind, pioneering products are created such as the patented DEBATAPE high plus closure with all-round protection, the DEBATEXTM security bag or the tamper-evident DEBASAFETM forensic evidence bags and evidence collection bags. Profound technical and material know-how, inven- tive talent, experience and passion for experimentation come together in the DEBATIN think tank. One of the think tank’s essential areas of responsibility is the development of customer-specific products. For this purpose, our team of specialists designs precise requirements on the new product in close collaboration with our customers. During development, both material properties as well as production possibilities and various closure solutions in addition to conceivable tampering approaches are taken into account. On the basis of these principles, a prototype is created that is tested comprehensively through to marketability and production. Deliverables are one-of-a-kind product solutions of the highest quality – customised and individualised on request.

The think tank brings together versatility and innovative spirit, flexibility and quality, experience and industry know-how. They are the basis for designing unique, customer-specific product solutions and further developments for the widest range of industries and requirements. ///