Debatin began focussing actively on environmental protection many years ago, taking action, for example, by using sustainable raw materials in production. We’ve now taken another big step forwards:

Debatin is now a carbon neutral company, and the manufacture of all our  security bags, document pouches and mailing bags is also carbon neutral. Because there’s absolutely no point in sitting back and just hoping that climate problems will pass by themselves, or that others will deal with them.

Basically, carbon neutrality means offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions by sequestering an equivalent amount elsewhere. Hence we decided to record all our emissions (e.g, from energy consumption, heat, business trips, employee mobility and investments), and then asked the NatureOffice GmbH company to calculate our carbon footprint. Following this, we purchased carbon credits to balance the amount of carbon we were releasing. Revenue from the sales of carbon credits is used to provide long-term funding for climate protection projects.

In our case, the money is channelled into the “Bujagali Hydropower Project”. Here, a hydroelectric power station on the Victoria Nile in Uganda taps into the natural energy produced by the Bujagali Falls (hence the name). Not only has the population benefitted from a considerably improved electricity and water supply as a result, but the project also helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.