DEBASAFE® agriculture
Security system for reference samples

DEBASAFE® agriculture – for the tamper-evident storage of reference samples and specimens. 

DEBASAFE® agriculture security bags come into their own wherever reference samples or specimens have to be stored securely in the food or pet food industries. The blue, self-adhesive sealing strip seals samples reliably and totally securely. Any attempt to open the bag mechanically, thermally or chemically will be displayed. Standard versions of DEBASAFE® agriculture security bags come complete with barcode, consecutive numbering and tear-off receipt. Bags can also be made to order to meet customer specifications with regard to size or design.


Features of DEBASAFE® agriculture:

  • pouch of bag made of transparent LDPE film, opaque version optionally available
  • extremely sturdy double shrink seal
  • self-adhesive DEBATAPE sealing strip
  • tear-off receipt, easy to remove along the perforated line
  • consecutive numbering on bag and receipt
  • barcode
  • can be labelled with ballpoint pen
  • up to 6 colour flexo-printing on request
  • different sizes, features and prints can be made to order

The DEBASAFE® agriculture security system is easy to handle, offers highest security standards and can be adapted to individual specifications.

Please note:

We take the environment seriously. For this reason, we use only environmentally-friendly polyethylene in the production of our DEBASAFE® security bags. Polyethylene can be recycled, does not contaminate groundwater, and does not emit poisonous gases when burned.

DEBASAFE® –agriculture – security bags for reference samples by DEBATIN – made in Germany!

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