DEBASAFE® automotive
Security bags for logistics in the automotive industry

DEBASAFE® automotive – tamper-evident vehicle security bags offering protection against counterfeits and theft.
DEBASAFE® automotive vehicle security bags are designed specifically for logistics in the automotive industry, and guarantee optimum security and protection for original parts. 
From car radios to satnavs to foot mats – any parts, accessories or spare parts, which are not permanently installed in a vehicle, can be stored securely in sealed, tamper-evident DEBASAFE® automotive security bags. 
The packaging system for the automotive industry caters for small and large components. Bags can also be made to order or overprinted to customer specifications.


Features of DEBASAFE® automotive:

  • security DEBATAPEplus sealing strip
  • extremely sturdy double shrink seal
  • pouch of bag made of either transparent or opaque LDPE film, 
 standard versions: 70 or 85μm; other strengths available on request
  • consecutive numbering, code 39, code 128 interleaved, code 2/5 interleaved or customer-specific coding possible
  • up to 6 colour flexo-printing into the welded seam area for recognising attempts at tampering, or for customised designs
  • available with handle on request
  • bag sizes range from 100x100mm (+ flap) to max. 700x800mm
  • minimum order for standard versions: 500 units. Minimum order for customised products: 
10,000 units
  • bag disposal solutions on request

Thanks to the DEBATAPEplus tamper-evident taped closure, any attempt to open the bag mechanically, thermally or chemically will be displayed. Hence DEBASAFE® automotive security bags guarantee the security and authenticity of spare parts, accessories and small parts.

Please note:

We take the environment seriously. For this reason, we use only environmentally-friendly polyethylene in the production of our DEBASAFE® security bags. Polyethylene can be recycled, does not contaminate groundwater, and does not emit poisonous gases when burned.

DEBASAFE® – vehicle security bags for the automotive industry by DEBATIN – made in Germany!

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