Bruchsal portfolio expanded with document pouches made of bio-based paper

DEBATIN remains true to its strategic mission in 2023: to provide customers with the most pragmatic, most planet-friendly, most flexible and most secure solutions, via the shortest possible supply routes. DEBAPAC®, the newest addition to DEBATIN’s product portfolio, is fully in keeping with this mission: “Our collaboration with the French company Pac List helps us tick all our key boxes,” says DEBATIN’s CEO Thomas Rose. Pac List, based in Millau in the south of France, manufactures most of its document pouches out of paper. “DEBATIN itself specialises in document pouches made of film. Thanks to this collaboration, we can now offer our customers a wider variety of options with the new DEBAPAC®,” Thomas Rose explains. So, regardless of whether customers opt for document pouches made of bio-based paper or versions made of recycled film – DEBATIN can now deliver the goods!

Pac List – a persuasive European partner

Partnering with Pac List was a deliberate choice. Step by step, this well-established and successful French company has transitioned its production lines to manufacturing document pouches out of paper. DEBATIN’s management was particularly impressed by Pac List’s reliable, swift and sustainable approach to business. “Besides being recyclable, Pac List products are also incredibly robust and workable,” says Thomas Rose. “And given the fact they’re made in France, they’re most attractively priced. As such, they align perfectly with our company’s product portfolio profile, which has a strong focus on sustainability and availability. These are the qualities that make DEBATIN a trustworthy, reliable partner for its customers. In addition to its other strengths, Pac List is also an incredibly agile partner – an indispensable characteristic when it comes to finding solutions for our community”.

DEBAPAC® Paper also available in small minimum quantities

The advantages may be huge, but order quantities don’t have to be. Even small orders can be arranged, although only by prior arrangement. Subject to minimum order quantities, the company is happy to cater to individual customer requests.

Pac List’s paper-based products now complement DEBATIN’s range of self-adhesive UNIPACK® document pouches, which are used around the world to deliver paperwork such as waybills, operating instructions and shipping papers safely and soundly to their respective destinations. Made of 100 % polyethylene, virtually all the film used in UNIPACK® pouches contains recycled materials. Customers who require particularly heavy-duty versions can opt for DEBATIN’s UNIPACK® Export range.