DEBACOR CORTEC VpCI®– Optimum protection against corrosion – four new products for storage and transport

Most corrosion inhibitors are liquids. VpCI® (vapour phase corrosion inhibitors), however, can be solid (e. g., PE film, paper, waterproof polyethylene foam, preservation powders), liquid (preservation oils, water-soluble concentrates, wax layers) or gas (gas in steam pipes, gas pipes, technical gases). These are microscopically small compounds which migrate through their environment in the form of ions. They are drawn towards any metal surface, where they form a thin monomolecular protective layer – even in less accessible areas.

Thanks to the inclusion of VpCI® inhibitors, our new, recyclable and environmentally friendly DEBACORTM anti-corrosion packaging materials DEBACOR CORTEC VpCI®146 paper, DEBACOR CORTEC VpCI®126 Blue, DEBACOR CORTEC VpCI® hand-stretch film and DEBACOR CORTEC® VpCI® machine-stretch film provide optimum protection for metal, metallic, electrical and electronic products during transport and storage, ensuring they do not corrode and preventing virtually all rust formation.

Advantages of DEBACORTM corrosion protection products:

  • Provide short- and long-term protection for metals, regardless of environment or size, without changing the properties of the treated material in any way
  • Treated parts/products can be used immediately; no additional treatment is required, thus cutting costs
  • Simple to use
  • Can be integrated into most technological processes
  • Do not pose any health risks and are environmentally friendly
  • Free of chromates, heavy metals, nitrides and chlorinated hydrocarbons

Areas of application and use

  • Alloys, coils, sheets, bars etc. (metal production)
  • Forged parts and swaging (processing raw materials and mechanised processing)
  • Pressed metal sheets, sheet metal cladding, flat springs, bearings, mounting parts, pipes, tubes, nails etc. (metalworking)
  • Machines, machinery, machine parts, tools, hardware, household appliances, instruments, engines etc. (end products)
  • Electrical and electronic components / controls