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Corrosion protection with DEBACOR™ CORTEC VpCI®-126 Blue

Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) 126 Series films combine the latest film technology with the most effective corrosion protection for all of your metal products. Sealing your product in DEBACOR™ CORTEC VpCI films protects metal parts from all types of corrosion including rust, tarnish, stains, white rust, and oxidation. For [...]

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WIM safebags – storing confidential documents securely

Confidential HR documents, like WIM files, are subject to special requirements with regard to storage and due diligence. Documents pertaining to corporate Workplace Integration Management, for example. Frequently, companies store WIM files separately – which costs both space and time. With Debatin’s new WIM safebags, you can store HR documents [...]

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Visit us at security essen 2018

Secure Cash Cycles Join in the discussion! Cash is important for everyone. From 25th to 28th September 2018, the world’s most leading trade fair for civil security will take place once again in Essen. The latest developments, trends and products will be presented at this trade fair by manufacturers, service [...]

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