DEBASAFE® security bags for Britain’s national health service

DEBASAFE ® security bags were developed to protect content from damage or tampering during storage or transit. Bags from this range are used by hospitals for a variety of purposes – some to protect patients’ cash and valuables, for example, and others for transporting dirty or clean laundry. Following [...]


Family-friendly structures for employees at DEBATIN

Anton Debatin GmbH has been collaborating with berufundfamilie Service GmbH (an organisation that supports companies in introducing sustainable HR policies) since 2018. That’s because DEBATIN places a strong focus on family-friendly structures and satisfied employees. Our aim is to build a strong, stable and motivated DEBATEAM – which is why [...]


The sustainability revolution and the future of the packaging industry

Sustainability has been a top priority for DEBATIN for many years. It’s a goal we pursue relentlessly, and one that is anchored firmly in our corporate strategy and philosophy. Nonetheless, we continue to produce packaging that’s made of film! That’s because packaging always has and always will play an [...]


An elaborate recipe that’s hard to digest: Why there’s no “diet” version of P650

As experts in the field of packaging and transporting medical and biological samples, we here at DEBATIN believe some things can’t be treated lightly. There’s simply too much at stake. That’s because the packaging we produce is used for crucial applications – and our customers need the assurance that [...]


FOCUS MONEY did the research – and concluded that DEBATIN is one of Germany’s 500 most valuable companies!

How do you calculate the value of a company? Easy! All you need to do is take a quick look at the annual financial statement, right? If the company is listed on the stock exchange, the answer is even easier – simply multiply the number of shares by the [...]


Tested and passed: DEBATIN is awarded “BME Responsible Procurement Organization” Level 3 certification

According to the Sustainable Procurement Guidelines published by the BME  (Germany’s Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics), up to 80 % of a company’s carbon footprint comes from their procurement processes and supply chains.  That’s why procurement needs to play a pivotal role in any corporate sustainability strategy. To [...]


Sustainability makes itself at home in the lab

Every year, the health care industry emits the dizzying amount of around two gigatonnes of greenhouse gases. That’s equivalent to the annual carbon emissions from 514 coal-fired power stations! The above figures were calculated by an NGO named “Health Care Without Harm” (HCWH), and the conclusions they draw are [...]


DEBATIN successfully completes the workandfamily audit procedure and is awarded certification for the second time

DEBATIN places a strong focus on family-friendly structures and satisfied employees. We’re committed to being an attractive, family-focused employer, building a strong and stable DEBATEAM, motivating our employees and achieving success together. To do justice to these goals, we began in 2018 to introduce strategic, family-friendly HR policies that cater [...]


Public awareness for environmental issues has grown – consumers want to generate less waste and shop more mindfully

According to the UBA (German Federal Environmental Agency), Germany generated 18.9 million tonnes of packaging waste in 2018. Consumers generated around 108 kg of domestic packaging waste per person, and the total per capita rate exceeded 227 kg per person. The data shows that packaging waste has risen sharply over the [...]

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