Debatin joined the “Alliance for Development and Climate” of germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Anton Debatin GmbH has always taken an active stance to promote environmental protection, recycling and sustainability. But in recent years, we’ve multiplied our efforts – by deploying recycled films and FSC-certified paper, for example – and in 2017, we achieved a net zero carbon footprint not only for our products but also for the company itself. Amongst other things, this means that we make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and that we offset unavoidable emissions by supporting projects in developing or newly industrialised countries.

We’re convinced that we’re on the right track and making an important difference with our corporate philosophy and sustainable product activities, and were proud at the end of 2018 to join the circle of supporters.

This Alliance, the goal of which is climate-neutrality, currently consists of some 70 companies, local authorities and civilian organisations. The Alliance also strives to convince more partners to participate in this goal, and supports people and projects on a local basis to improve livelihoods and provide hope for the future.

Following its presentation in the German Bundestag, Dr Gerd Müller (Minister of Development) showcased the “Alliance for Development and Climate” in December 2018 at the 24th UN Climate Change Conference and the 14th Kyoto Protocol meeting in Katowice, Poland. By introducing the Alliance to a wider audience, the German Federal Government hopes to recruit more support outside of Germany for this and similar alliances and activities. A vision which we as a responsible company share in full.

For more information on the “Alliance for Development and Climate”, please see the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development website: