When you’re sending or storing parcels and packages, some contents may need special protection. DEBATIN has developed various tamper-evident safe bags to help in such cases. These can be used not only for valuable items, cashforensic evidence or confidential documents, but also to protect material samples and laboratory samples against unauthorised access or tampering. Select from closures such as theDEBATAPE® high plus 360° sealing strip, with various security features available including a reliable display of any tampering attempts, or a tracking number for total peace of mind.

DEBASEAL® security tape – an extra layer of protection

Special shipping requirements apply to certain items. For example, content such as laboratory samples has to be transported in special containers.

Many items, however, including medicines, protective gear and PPE, sterile items, important documents and even food deliveries, are not subject to any specific rules or guidelines, but it makes sense to protect them against tampering all the same. Any attempt by an unauthorised person to open a parcel sealed with DEBASEAL® security tape will be clearly visible.

Example: Shipping multiple safe bags inside one box or package

In order to meet hygiene standards and protect people in the present pandemic, many customers are currently placing orders for pre-packed sets of face masks, gloves and disinfectant. These are then delivered in a DEBASAFE® security bag. Naturally, most orders are for multiple packs, and it would not make sense to dispatch them individually. So in most cases, everything will be packaged in one big box.

DEBASEAL® security tape reliably shows all tampering attempts

If you use normal adhesive tape to seal a parcel, someone could easily remove it, open the parcel, pilfer something or swap out the content, and then re-seal it again – without anybody ever noticing. For this reason, we recommend you seal all your parcels with our DEBASEAL® security tape. 

At first glance, this looks like normal adhesive tape. However, unlike conventional tape, it leaves a clearly visible security mark if someone tries to peel it away. The recipient will see immediately that the parcel has been opened or that someone has tried to tamper with it.

A secure closure for your packaging

DEBASEAL® security tape is made of tear-proof BOPP film (bi-axially oriented polypropylene). When you peel it away, it leaves a visible colour print on the packaging, making it a reliable security closure and giving you added peace of mind.

It’s ideal for online retail and can be used to seal parcels containing medicines, electronic devices, food and more.

DEBASAFE® security products: tamper-evident packaging and safe delivery

DEBASAFE® security bags and closures are ideal for protecting deliveries against tampering and forgery. By visibly displaying any attempt by an unauthorised person to tamper with the package, they ensure content reaches its destination safe and intact. At present, there is a strong focus on parcels that contain protective gear and disinfectants.

In order to offer our customers more solutions in this sensitive area, the DEBATIN Think Tank recently developed a range of new health & safety accessories. These include our new DEBAPOST® social distancing mailing bags which allow the delivery agent to keep their distance from the recipient during handover.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our DEBASEAL® security tape, including how and when to use it. We’ll also be very happy to provide more information on our DEBASAFE® solutions.

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