DEBAPOST® courier bags and mailing bags are suitable for mailing textiles, magazines, brochures, catalogues and marketing materials safely and with visual appeal. Available in a range of transparent or opaque designs and sizes, the bags are made of tear-proof polyethylene film (“PE film”). What’s more, custom printing on the bags makes them perfect brand ambassadors for your online mail order business, throughout the delivery chain. Each bag features a single or double closure with a permanent seal, making them particularly suitable for returning items of clothing or other goods. Messenger-style bags are also available on request. Tests certify that DEBATIN mailing bags have a coefficient of friction between 0.15 and 0.20 (as required by Germany’s leading courier DHL).

DEBAPOST® Experience Second Life mailing bags – a very special experience

DEBAPOST® Experience Second Life mailing bags are made of environmentally friendly recycled PE film in Blue Angel quality. They’re available in a range of standard sizes and can be printed in up to 8 bright colours and/or with scented inks. Extract every ounce of emotional advertising potential from your service – surprise and delight your customers with brightly coloured, gently scented deliveries that feel different to the touch, for a simply unforgettable experience!


DEBAPOST® Second life mailing bags (Blue-Angel-certified film) and DEBAPOST® paper mailing bags

We care deeply about our planet and place a strong focus on sustainability, which is why we’re so pleased with our DEBAPOST® Second Life mailing bags in Blue Angel quality, designed for e-commerce and online shopping. These sustainable mailing bags for courier and mail order businesses are manufactured from more than 80% recycled film to save resources and help our planet. 

We also offer various attractive alternatives to film bags: our DEBAPOST® paper mailing bags, including DEBAPOST® Paper Basic, DEBAPOST® Paper Second Life bags and single-item bags (available on request) come in a range of sizes.
Special features of our DEBAPOST® paper mailing bags:

  • Can be used a second time (for returns or a different delivery). At the end of their serviceable life, they can then be used as biodegradable bags for organic waste.
  • The paper was developed specially to protect content against moisture – without any plastic!
  • Unlike conventional silicone tapes, the innovative tape on the adhesive strip can be recycled normally with other waste paper.
  • Instead of plastic tear strips, we integrated a special perforated strip.

Unconventional uses for DEBAPOST® mailing bags: our recycling suggestion for workplaces and travelling

DEBAPOST® mailing bags are perfect for a wide range of less conventional uses. By serving as handy bin bags in your office or company car, for example, they can support hygiene and protect the environment both at the same time – giving them a practical, straightforward and meaningful “retirement”.
To use the DEBAPOST® mailing bag as a bin bag, stick the self-adhesive strip to your desk or glove compartment and use it to collect your waste. Then, once it’s full, simply reseal the bag and bin it.
This is something we can all use right now as a safe and hygienic solution for collecting used face masks or latex gloves before disposing of them.

Why choose DEBAPOST® mailing bags?

Advantages of the DEBAPOST® range:

  • PE or PCR film in Blue Angel quality
  • Environmentally friendly polythene
  • Film thicknesses from 40 to 140 μm
  • Up to 8-colour flexo-printing
  • Reversible or permanent adhesive closures available

Additional features of DEBAPOST® mailing bags:

  • Punch holes
  • Punched grip holes
  • Perforation
  • Double closure
  • Messenger-style bags
  • … and more

Customised solutions are also available on request.

If you have any questions about our DEBAPOST® mailing bags, you’d like to know more about the different versions, or you’re interested in finding a customised solution, please contact us – we look forward to hearing from you! 

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