Every year, DEBATIN organises a kick-off event to welcome in the new year. The event serves as a platform where we share and discuss our news, product developments, plans and goals for the coming year (and the future in general). Normally we host the event at the company headquarters in Bruchsal. In 2023, however, Bruchsal was merely the starting point for an adventure in a new location: the KLIMA ARENA in nearby Sinsheim.

Why this new and unusual location?

For many years now, DEBATIN has pursued a rigorous sustainability strategy that focuses on climate protection and sustainable business practices. Here in the DEBATEAM, we all embrace our personal and corporate responsibility to our planet. What’s more, we’re convinced there’s always something new to learn. Which is why we decided to host this year’s event in the inspirational, exciting and stimulating atmosphere of the KLIMA ARENA.

And it was an excellent choice! Each and every one of us was enriched and energised by the experience and the location, and we’ll be carrying the torch into our future work and business.

Our Day in the KLIMA ARENA: informative, rewarding, colourful and eventful

On arrival in the KLIMA ARENA, we were given a guided tour of the location with time to explore the interactive exhibition. One of the features we particularly enjoyed was the section with exciting hands-on experiments. This gave us a real feel for issues such as ocean currents and rising sea levels. The exhibition also included lots of highly interesting facts and ideas with calls to action we can take on a personal level to combat the climate crisis. Even though sustainability has been on our agenda for many years, we all left feeling inspired and motivated to double our efforts in the future.

Presentations & discussion opportunities

The setting was different, but the format of our kick-off event was similar to previous years. It included lots of fascinating presentations from our colleagues, and lots of opportunities to discuss their input.

By the end of our colourful and exciting time in Sinsheim, we’d made various resolutions: to continue questioning our actions, to be flexible and keep an open mind, to think outside the box, and to approach some aspects differently.

The causes and effects of the climate crisis: inside the KLIMA ARENA in Sinsheim

Set in extensive grounds, the KLIMA ARENA in Sinsheim is an interactive exhibition centre dedicated to the causes and effects of the climate crisis. With some 1400 m2 of indoor space and grounds covering 13,000 m2, the location is full of engaging exhibition areas and hands-on experiments. It’s an informative, interactive, experimental and colourful place.

The KLIMA ARENA opened in 2019 and is funded by the Dietmar Hopp Foundation (founded 2014), a non-profit, non-governmental climate foundation.

“The climate crisis has become a real threat to humanity.

We are all responsible for our planet.”

Dietmar Hopp

We believe the above is true, and we also believe that each and every one of us can – and must! – play their part in protecting our planet. The KLIMA ARENA in Sinsheim is a fun and worthwhile day out for all the family.

If you’d like to know more about sustainability issues and the climate crisis, visit the klima:neutral YouTube channel by the Klimastiftung für Bürger (Citizen’s Climate Foundation). Here you’ll find lots of interesting information, based on the latest scientific findings and packaged in an appealing and interesting manner, as well as ideas for saving energy at home (note: this YouTube channel is in German!).