DEBASAFE ® security bags were developed to protect content from damage or tampering during storage or transit.

Bags from this range are used by hospitals for a variety of purposes – some to protect patients’ cash and valuables, for example, and others for transporting dirty or clean laundry. Following a search for a reliable and trustworthy solution that prevents tampering and makes life easier for patients, Britain’s national health service, the NHS, has now decided to use DEBATIN’s “Patient Valuables Bags” and “Laundry Bags” across the country.

DEBASAFE® security bags: highly versatile, tamper-evident and reliable

DEBASAFE® security bags protect content against tampering and meet the highest security standards. Various types of closure and security code options reliably display any attempt at tampering and allow for seamless tracking.

In addition to DEBASAFE®  safe bags for the tamper-evident delivery of cash and valuables, the standard DEBATIN range also includes security bags for forensics (security bags and pouches for forensic evidence) and reference samples (food and animal feed) as well as solutions for the automotive and aviation industries.

DEBASAFE® safe bags as customised solutions and special editions

Thanks to their versatility, DEBASAFE® safe bags can be used by a wide range of industries for countless applications. To ensure each customer receives a practical solution that meets their exact requirements, we liaise closely with our customers – just as we did with the NHS in the above example. This enables us to customise the designs and sizes and include a range of possible closures, seals and labels.

A home for smartphones and tablets

DEBASAFE® safe bags can also be seen in action as (tamper-evident) storage options for smartphones and tablets during company visits or tours. Most companies don’t allow photography or filming during factory tours, and will ask visitors to hand over their devices in order to ensure compliance. Visitors, however, are understandably reluctant to do so in case someone takes the opportunity to gain unauthorised access to their data. By using DEBASAFE®  safe bags, companies can offer visitors peace of mind to enjoy their tour – secure in the knowledge that nobody can tamper with their device or access their data.

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