Anton Debatin GmbH has been collaborating with berufundfamilie Service GmbH (an organisation that supports companies in introducing sustainable HR policies) since 2018. That’s because DEBATIN places a strong focus on family-friendly structures and satisfied employees. Our aim is to build a strong, stable and motivated DEBATEAM – which is why we keep developing new, family-friendly HR policies that cater to the different challenges people face in different phases of life. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is an important part of DEBATIN’s corporate philosophy and sustainability strategy. We’re committed to being an attractive, family-focussed employer, and we pursue this goal systematically and resolutely. We’ve now successfully completed the repeat certification and auditing process for our second workandfamily certificate. The whole process meant so much more to us than just getting another trophy for the cabinet. Alongside evaluating our successes and measures to date, we also used the opportunity afforded by the audit to elaborate and commit to specific goals for the future. For example, we plan to expand our flexible shift work options.

Creating healthy, flexible options for shift work

In this context, we were thrilled to be asked for our input on a professional article on the subject of family-friendly shift work, oriented to different life phases. Published on 15 November 2021 in “Industrieanzeiger” magazine, the finished article is a fascinating read. In it we were able to report on the various measures DEBATIN has taken to keep our employees healthy and happy, particularly those who work shifts in production.

Here’s what we do and offer to keep physical and mental stress to a minimum and make it easier for employees to enjoy a healthy work/life balance:

  • We focus on flexibility and take individual needs into account when we plan our work rosters
  • We offer consultations for employees returning to work after extended sick leave
  • We conduct individual workplace analyses & offer ergonomic advice
  • We offer company health management & “DEBATIN health days”

The family-friendly workandfamily audit: the work/life balance week

The work/life balance week, held from 01 to 05 November 2021, was organised by the workandfamily audit and provided a platform where DEBATIN (alongside other companies) was able to present our various work/life balance measures (work management, working hours and workplace). One practical example we shared was DEBATIN’s approach to working from home – a policy we actually introduced before the COVID-19 pandemic. This has enabled us to respond flexibly to social distancing guidelines during the pandemic as well as other unforeseen situations. Working from home has also proven beneficial for employees returning to work after extended leave.

At the same time, fewer commutes help to reduce carbon emissions (as well as road accidents!).

Another matter that’s very close to our heart is fostering a good team spirit. That’s because we can only turn ideas into reality, master challenges and change the world by working as a team! In this respect, our DEBATEAM is making excellent progress – not just in the workplace. The company’s team spirit has also flourished in various sporting events and environmental campaigns. And we’ve even enjoyed celebrating virtual parties together 😉

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Our commitment to you begins on day one of our vocational training programmes. We take responsibility for our trainees and play our part in the community by making sure your career gets off to a good start. Last summer, in recognition of our efforts, we were voted Leading Employer 2020 by DFTA, Professional Association of Flexographic Printing!

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