DEBATIN celebrates its anniversary – innovative and future-oriented since the start

Ever since our foundation, DEBATIN has been all about innovative power, high quality, and groundbreaking products. But naturally our company has evolved over the course of the last century, while remaining bold, forward-looking, and always flexible. In the early years, DEBATIN’s core business was processing, printing, and trading paper, [...]


DEBATIN celebrates its centenary – sustainability as a core DEBATIN value

Until the nineteen-sixties, the sustainability of our planet was not something people gave much thought to. Environmental awareness only began to creep in as the West gradually became aware of the negative repercussions of industrial activity. Initially, people used phrases like “environmental hygiene” or “protecting the environment”. Only towards [...]


DEBATIN celebrates its centenary – from printing machines to highly specialised production

Back in 1923 when the company was founded, machinery didn’t loom large in DEBATIN’s production facility. One printing press and one typesetter were sufficient to print a variety of papers and various other small items. Paper bags of various sizes were pasted together by hand (often by homeworkers). [...]


Happy birthday DEBATIN – and thank you to the DEBATEAM

Sunshine, nibbles, a band, an exhibition and a guided tour: DEBATIN said thank you to the DEBATEAM in style with a grand centenary party at the beginning of July. Superb weather greeted DEBATEAM members from the Bruchsal and Hoenheim sites for the festivities. They were joined by stockholder Veronika Debatin, [...]

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