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Happy birthday DEBATIN – how DEBATIN’s look has changed over time

Over the 100 years of our company’s history, our product portfolio and production sites have changed. They’ve moved with the times, adapted to changing requirements and set new standards in the industry. And it’s not just the products... naturally, DEBATIN’s look has also changed over the last decades. [...]


Happy birthday DEBATIN: our journey from a horse stable to a highly modern, energy-efficient production site

Today the Debatin Group operates two production sites: one in Bruchsal and one in Hoenheim. These offer combined floor space of 13,000 m2, equipped with ultra-modern production technology, as well as attractive offices and break rooms, extensive storage areas and cleverly designed bays where lorries can load and unload. [...]


BNN (Badische Neueste Nachrichten) reports on DEBATIN’s centenary anniversary

In 2023, DEBATIN celebrates its centenary anniversary – which means we’ve now been supplying our customers and partners with groundbreaking products and innovative solutions for an impressive one hundred years. Over the years, our reputation for flexibility and innovative, sustainable and reliable solutions has spread far beyond the borders [...]


DEBATIN celebrates its centenary anniversary – and 100 years of groundbreaking product developments

In 1923, Anton Debatin and Rudolf Berger founded the “Debatin & Berger Paper Company” in Bruchsal. Over the hundred years that have passed since this momentous occasion, times haven’t always been easy. Nonetheless, DEBATIN has repeatedly developed innovative new products, boldly accepted every new challenge and consistently delivered the best [...]

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