Collect your used film with our DERIBA recycling kit and help us keep the circular economy wheel turning in our DERIBA CYCLE®!

Our sustainability strategy focuses on researching, developing and producing new, planet-friendly materials and products. Working hand in hand with our partners in the DERIBA Group, we developed the “DERIBA CYCLE®”, our own recycling loop. This supports the circular economy and ensures that all products manufactured by the DERIBA Group [...]


The new DEBASAFE® sustainability brochure is here!

In 2017, our entire company achieved carbon neutrality. One by one, the carbon footprint of our products – DEBASAFE® , UNIPACK® / DEBAPAC® and DEBAPOST® – was reduced to net zero. Since then, we’ve expanded our work on behalf of the environment by starting the DEBASAFE® sustainability campaign and by [...]


Stepping forward together in strength: Debatin and Riba establish the DERIBA Group

Having established a good basis of trust and worked together successfully for more than two decades, Anton Debatin GmbH and Riba GmbH have now joined forces. The two traditional companies in the packaging industry have now established the DERIBA Group GmbH, a parent company, which bundles the strengths and [...]

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