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Truth be told, we’re not required to write and publish a sustainability report. But we’ve done so all the same. Why? Because we care about sustainability. Over the years, we’ve channelled considerable time and effort into developing environmentally friendly products and materials, reducing our carbon footprint, achieving carbon neutrality and improving our social and financial sustainability strategies.

In 2018, we voluntarily submitted our first report to the DNK (German Sustainability Code) office for the purpose of verifying and documenting our efforts in the field of sustainability. Now that we’re included on their database, you – or anyone else who is interested – can easily access our company profile and get an overview of our company, our strategy and our processes for sustainable corporate development.

Sustainability at DEBATIN – how does it present in practice?

That’s exactly what we’d like to show you in our 2020 sustainability report. The report is transparent, detailed and verifiable. We’ve divided the topic into seven separate chapters which we’ll be publishing online on a weekly basis for you to download. Having finally finished the report, we now proudly present the first chapter.

Have a read and form your own opinion! You’ll find our sustainability report is far more than just dry facts and figures. It’s personal and relatable, and it offers detailed insights into DEBATIN’s sustainability strategy, our mindset and how we work at DEBATIN. It’s informative, of course – but we also think it’s rather exciting!

Why do I have to download the sustainability report?

We consciously decided to publish our sustainability report digitally and not on paper. That way, we don’t waste paper, printing inks or energy, and we don’t generate unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions or waste. Because if we’re honest, most printed brochures land on our desks, enjoy a brief fling on our bookshelves, and then end up in the waste-paper basket, don’t they? That’s exactly what we’d like to avoid. Because that’s where sustainability begins.

Having said that, if you’d prefer a printed version, we’ll be happy to oblige on request. All we ask is that you think carefully first about whether you definitely need it.

Where will I find the sustainability report, and how do I make sure I don’t miss any chapters?

We’ll be publishing a new chapter every week here: If you click on the link now, you’ll see an overview of the topics we plan to cover in each chapter. To make very sure you don’t miss a single chapter of the sustainability report, simply register for our newsletter and we’ll notify you automatically whenever we upload a new chapter.

We hope you enjoy reading the DEBATIN sustainability report and find it answers all your questions about sustainability at DEBATIN. If we’ve missed anything important, please contact us!

Jörg Keilbach
Process Manager, responsible for compiling the DEBATIN sustainability report
Phone +49 7251 8009 174
Fax +49 7251 8009 484

If you’d like to share any thoughts on the DEBATIN sustainability report, we’d love to hear from you. Please send an email to We look forward to receiving your feedback!