In their quest to find a viable alternative to conventional plastic bags, German clothing manufacturer Engel GmbH spent more than a year testing different packaging for their mail-order deliveries. Their list of requirements was long. In addition to being sustainable and planet-friendly, the successful candidate should be “Made in Germany”, have a long shelf life, be capable of meeting a range of different product specifications, and be as lightweight as possible (to reduce transport costs). The company, which is based in Pfullingen, Germany, finally opted for Anton Debatin GmbH’s transparent, tear-proof DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags. Custom made for Engel from PCR (post-consumer recycled material, sourced from waste polyethylene film), these bags can be returned to the recycling loop multiple times after use.

DEBATIN meets exacting sustainability standards and ticks all the boxes for quality, communication and recycling

For more than 38 years, Engel GmbH in Pfullingen has been manufacturing underwear and clothing from natural, eco-friendly fibres. The entire manufacturing process, from raw fibres through to the finished product, is ecologically and socially sustainable. Customers love the high quality of the company’s eco-friendly fabrics, which are manufactured in Germany to impeccable standards. They also love Engel’s consistent approach to sustainable manufacturing processes in the textile industry. Naturally, the same expectations and standards apply when it comes to packaging the clothing.


“As soon as DEBATIN sent us the first product sample, we knew we’d found the partner we were looking for,” enthuses Gabriele Kolompar, CEO of the family-owned company. She was particularly impressed by the DERIBA CYCLE®, a recycling loop created and used by DEBATIN and the DERIBA Group for waste PCR film. “The fact that DEBATIN recycles its waste in Germany tipped the scales in their favour. Because there’s absolutely no point in shipping packaging waste to faraway countries; from an environmental point of view, it completely defeats the object of using sustainable packaging in the first place.” 

Engel and DEBATIN first met at an international trade fair in Friedrichshafen, and quickly realised that they shared the same goals for forward-looking, sustainable packaging solutions.

The clothing manufacturer was impressed not only by DEBATIN’s professional expertise with different packaging materials, but also by the company’s flexibility, detailed and reliable approach to communicating and innovative, sustainable strategy. “We think this level of flexibility and proactive commitment is remarkable, and cannot be rated highly enough,” summarises Ms Kolompar.

Why DEBAGRIP®? How Engel benefits by using PCR grip-seal bags

The grip-seal bags DEBATIN makes specially for Engel’s mail-order clothing meet all the technical requirements (e.g., content cannot be damaged by moisture or insects) as well as environmental considerations (planet-friendly and sustainable). Made with a minimum of 80 % PCR, they do more to protect finite natural resources than conventional grip-seal bags made of 100 % grade 1A materials. Even after accounting for emissions connected with the collection and recycling process, PCR bags have a much smaller carbon footprint than similar products made from 100 % virgin material.

Like all DEBATIN products (and, indeed, the entire company!) these grip-seal bags are certified carbon neutral by natureOffice GmbH.

Standard DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags are made of transparent PE (polyethylene) film. As this case study shows, we’re happy to develop customised packaging solutions with PCR film. However, please note that PCR bags and pouches, unlike DEBAGRIP® bags made of PE film, are not suitable for food items.

Read on to find out more about our standard range of DEBATIN DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags. Please contact us if you’re looking for a customised solution, e.g., for mail-order items, or if you have any questions about materials and packaging. We’ll be happy to help!

DEBAGRIP® – tear-proof, transparent, food-safe grip-seal bags made of PE (polyethylene film)

Our standard range of DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags are made of transparent PE film and are resealable. They are available in a range of thicknesses, versions and sizes. They can also be made to order, as shown in the above case study, with or without a write-on field, Euro-standard holes, customised print and an extra document pouch. Transparent packaging has the advantage that content is clearly visible and instantly recognisable. As such, DEBAGRIP® grip bags are particularly suitable for packaging and shipping clothes and small parts (e.g., nuts, bolts and screws).

In the standard range, DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags are made from transparent polyethylene film (PE film). As you can see in the example, production from PCR film, for example, is possible as an individual packaging solution on request. Please note: In contrast to DEBAGRIP® bags made of PE film, bags / pouches made of PCR film are not specified for use as food contact material.

Overview of DEBAGRIP® features:

  • Sizes range from 40 x 60 mm to 350 x 450 mm
  • Film thicknesses range from 50 to 90 μm
  • Transparent polyethylene
  • With or without PE label
  • Food-safe (will not contaminate foodstuffs)

On request:

  • With white write-on field
  • Available with handy Euro-standard holes
  • Customised printing with up to 3 colours
  • Special version with outer pouch for shipping papers

Are you looking for a sustainable, customisable packaging option for textiles or food items?

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