Henkel is DEBATIN’s first Sustainability Champion

The mouse says thank you to the elephant: this year, DEBATIN, a family-run SME, bestowed the title of “Sustainability Champion” on Henkel AG & Co. KGaA – a major, publicly listed corporation whose dedication to sustainability makes them a solid partner in our supply chain. Supplier Code of Conduct: [...]


DEBAMED medical bags: perfect for pneumatic tube transport in university hospitals

In clinics and hospitals, many of the processes connected with internal logistics are hidden to the human eye. But behind the scenes, they keep the “system” up and running. One of the functions of internal logistics is handling the movements of medical samples. These are generally sent back and [...]


Cash is a safe means of payment – even during the pandemic

Medical experts and major banks around the world ascertained long ago that cash does not transmit diseases. Nonetheless, when the pandemic struck, many shops began asking customers for cashless payment. A survey conducted by the European Central Bank (ECB) confirms that card and contactless payments have increased across Europe [...]


DEBATIN completes the second phase of “Responsible Procurement Organization” certification

Our company began resolutely pursuing sustainability goals back in 2012. We invest considerable time, effort and resources in intricate details – as well as working on the bigger picture, on deep-rooted, structural changes. Now, finally, we’re reaping the rewards. Anton Debatin GmbH is the [...]


DEBATIN products in action: Dr Heidrich & Colleagues Laboratory opts for DEBAMED® Lab-Boxes

Deliveries that involve infectious substances are subject to various WHO, ADR and IATA regulations. These apply internationally and aim to protect the people who handle such packages as well as the general public. Patient samples are classed as dangerous goods and are required to comply with the ADR regulations [...]


The complete 2020 DEBATIN sustainability report: now available to download

We believe that everyone needs to take action now to protect our planet, save the climate and use fewer resources. That’s why sustainability has been anchored firmly in DEBATIN’s corporate strategy and culture for many years.  We’d like to show that all of us can play a part by [...]


Resealable DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags made of PE film with glass fork symbol meet requirements for contact with foodstuffs

Our food-safe, resealable DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags are made of transparent PE film and come in various thicknesses (50 or 90 μm), sizes and versions (customised if required). On request, we can print your bags to order and include a write-on field, Euro-standard holes or an outer pouch for shipping [...]


DEBATIN’s mission: to deliver mailing & packaging solutions par excellence, customised to your individual requirements

DEBATIN manufactures mailing and packaging solutions – but we don’t stop there. We’re known for our flexibility, experience and innovation. Coupled with an extremely high level of professionalism, these strengths enable us to respond swiftly to customer enquiries and develop truly individual, customised solutions.  Regardless of whether your priority [...]


Collect your used film with our DERIBA recycling kit and help us keep the circular economy wheel turning in our DERIBA CYCLE®!

Our sustainability strategy focuses on researching, developing and producing new, planet-friendly materials and products.  Working hand in hand with our partners in the DERIBA Group, we developed the “DERIBA CYCLE®”, our own recycling loop. This supports the circular economy and ensures that all products manufactured by the DERIBA Group [...]


Secure solutions for transporting biological samples

We specialise in ADR-compliant packaging solutions for transporting biological samples. We offer a range of approved packaging solutions for transporting exempt medical samples as well as infectious substances that class as category A (UN 2814 / UN 2900) or category B (UN 3373); these include COVID-19 samples. Together with our subsidiary [...]

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