Storing remote keys safely

Antistatic ESD (electrostatic discharge) bags for the prevention of data manipulation DEBASAFE® Faraday bag Antistatic ESD (electrostatic discharge) bags for the prevention of data manipulation, made from metallised nylon fleece*, prevent unauthorised access to the data or programmes stored on mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Once inside an [...]


Safebag for tablets and smartphones

When people visit a company, they are often required to comply with various safety guidelines and instructions. During factory tours, most companies will not allow photography or filming of production, and ask visitors to leave their mobile phones and tablets at the reception desk. DEBATIN has designed a security bag for this [...]


WIM safebags – storing confidential documents securely

Confidential HR documents, like WIM files, are subject to special requirements with regard to storage and due diligence. Documents pertaining to corporate Workplace Integration Management, for example. Frequently, companies store WIM files separately – which costs both space and time. With Debatin’s new WIM safebags, you can store HR documents [...]


Visit us at FachPack 2018 in Nuremberg

Stepping forward together in strength It‘s that time of the year again: From 25th to 27th September 2018, FachPack 2018, one of the most significant European trade fairs in and around the fields of packaging, technology, processing and logistics will take place again in Nuremberg. We will, of course, [...]


Stepping forward together in strength: Debatin and Riba establish the DERIBA Group

Having established a good basis of trust and worked together successfully for more than two decades, Anton Debatin GmbH and Riba GmbH have now joined forces. The two traditional companies in the packaging industry have now established the DERIBA Group GmbH, a parent company, which bundles the strengths and [...]


DEBATIN France celebrates its 30th anniversary on 15th June 2017

It all began on 15.06.1987 in Oberhausbergen, on the outskirts of Strasburg, with a small warehouse and an office. It was here, with a team of just three employees, that we began to sell the products we manufactured in Bruchsal on the French market. With the introduction of DEBASAFETM products, [...]

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