We believe that everyone needs to take action now to protect our planet, save the climate and use fewer resources. That’s why sustainability has been anchored firmly in DEBATIN’s corporate strategy and culture for many years. 

We’d like to show that all of us can play a part by acting mindfully and taking responsibility, no matter what industry we work in, and no matter how big or small the company. Voluntarily – simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Sustainability: practising what we preach

In 2017, DEBATIN completed the transition to carbon neutrality, reducing the carbon footprint for our premises, processes and production to zero. We develop and manufacture environmentally friendly and recyclable materials and products, pursue a sustainable procurement strategy, and promote family-friendly HR policies. Last but not least, we’ve developed the DERIBA CYCLE®, a closed recycling loop within the DERIBA Group.

In 2018, we submitted our first report to the DNK (German Sustainability Code) office for the purpose of verifying and documenting our efforts in the field of sustainability. Given the size of our company, we were not legally required to submit such a report. But we chose to do so all the same – because we believe it’s important to show that even the packaging industry can play a sustainable, responsible role in protecting our planet and the climate. What’s more, we hope our example will inspire others to follow suit. Setting an example was just one of the reasons that motivated us to work on our first DEBATIN sustainability report, which we put together over the last few months and published in weekly instalments to offer comprehensive information on the company’s sustainability strategy.

Now you can download the entire 2020 DEBATIN sustainability report as a single document. In order to protect resources and avoid needless waste, we decided not to create a printed version of this report. However, if you particularly need a printed copy, please feel free to contact us.

Read the DEBATIN sustainability report now – find inspiration and join the cause!

Would you like to know what makes us tick? Read what the DEBATEAM has to say about sustainability, compare the facts and figures that show how we’ve developed over the years, and find out how we define environmental, financial and social sustainability. 

Have fun reading the report! We hope it contains everything you need to know – and we also hope you find it inspiring. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re left with any open questions about sustainability at DEBATIN.

We also look forward to receiving your feedback. If you think we’ve missed something out, or you especially enjoyed a particular part, or you have any suggestions for the future, please write to us or call us!

Jörg Keilbach
Process Manager, responsible for compiling the DEBATIN sustainability report
Phone +49 7251 8009 174
Fax +49 7251 8009 484
Email joerg.keilbach@debatin.de

Announcing the DEBATIN webcast “Developing sustainable products and processes in SMEs”

On 10 September 2021, we’ll be launching a series of online seminars on the topic of sustainability. We plan to share the experience we’ve gained in recent years and show you just how much potential there is for change. We’d like to inspire you to follow suit! 

Would you like to know more about sustainability and initiate change in your own company or business?

If so, make sure you’ve got our online seminar on 10 September 2021 firmly booked in your diary. We’ll be looking at the topic “Sustainable, intergenerational development in SMEs”:

Date: Friday 10 September 2021
Duration: 11am – 12 noon
Registration fee: free of charge


  • Defining sustainability and the triple bottom line
  • Sustainable development goals and the question of justice
  • Sustainability strategies
  • Sustainability at DEBATIN 
  • Upcoming seminars and topic requests
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