Deliveries that involve infectious substances are subject to various WHO, ADR and IATA regulations. These apply internationally and aim to protect the people who handle such packages as well as the general public.

Patient samples are classed as dangerous goods and are required to comply with the ADR regulations for hazard class 6.2 (infectious substances). Most samples are either category B infectious substances (UN3373) or “exempt human specimens” – the former must comply with packaging instruction P650; packaging for the latter must comply with the basic P650 regulations, and in either case the packaging must consist of three components.

Our DEBAMED® Speci-BagsDEBAMED® Speci-Bags 95kPa and waterproof, rigid plastic DEBAMED® Multi-Boxes  are approved professional solutions and comply with the statutory requirements for secondary packaging. The Insulated DEBAMED® Lab-Boxes meet all the requirements for outer packaging and are also highly user-friendly with their convenient carrying strap.


Dr Heidrich & Colleagues Laboratory discovers DEBAMED® Lab-Box bags

What’s the best and safest way to transport biological samples? After searching for the best possible solution, the Hamburg-based Dr Heidrich & Colleagues Laboratory – which has a strong focus on safety and quality, and works to strict DIN 15189 standards as well as all German Medical Association guidelines – found the perfect answer: DEBATIN’s DEBAMED® Lab-Boxes. 

“All our departments are delighted with the DEBAMED® Lab-Boxes,” affirms Christiane Vogler, who’s responsible for material procurement. “Thanks to their square shape, they’re very spacious but not at all bulky. And they meet our high quality standards in all respects.”

The DEBAMED® Lab-Box: an insulated bag with carrying strap, approved as outer packaging for biological samples and substances 

DEBAMED® Lab-Boxes are insulated and reinforced, and can be used not only when carrying samples from one room to another in hospitals, but also as outer packaging for biological samples in transit. By inserting eutectic plates, samples can be kept at a constant temperature for up to six hours during transport.

DEBAMED® Lab-Boxes meet the requirements for samples of biological substances category B (UN3373) and comply with international and European standards and guidelines for the transport of infectious substances (ADR, WHO). They are accredited by an external test lab as meeting the requirements of packaging instruction P650 for ADR class 6.2 substances.

Available in a range of sizes, our Lab-Boxes can also include a temperature probe on request to monitor conditions inside the bag.

On the outside, our DEBAMED® Lab-Boxes are made of waterproof, easy-to-clean polyester (double polyurethane insulation), and the reinforced base (PVC > 3 mm) can be replaced as required.

More information on packaging and shipping biological samples

The BGW (Employers’ Liability Insurance Association for Medical Services and Welfare Work) recently published an up-to-date brochure with detailed information on hazard classes and on handling, preparing and transporting biological samples in compliance with ADR 2021 regulations (available in German only). For information in English, see our blog on “Transporting samples and COVID-19 tests in compliance with ADR regulations” (packaging instructions P650 / UN3373, P620 / UN2814, UN2900).

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