Our food-safe, resealable DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags are made of transparent PE film and come in various thicknesses (50 or 90 μm), sizes and versions (customised if required). On request, we can print your bags to order and include a write-on field, Euro-standard holes or an outer pouch for shipping papers. Thanks to their versatility, these bags are ideal for mail order deliveries of all kinds.

All DEBAGRIP® products are food safe. To publicise this fact more widely, we recently added the food-safe symbol (wine glass and fork) to boxes of products in this range. It’s printed next to the DEBATIN logo for carbon neutrality. The wine glass and fork symbol is used to label materials and objects that can safely come into contact with food, and is officially recognised across Europe.

Please note: the symbol is printed on the outer cardboard packaging, not on each individual grip-seal bag!

Please also note that because this is such a recent change (introduced at the end of 2020), some orders may still be picked with “older” stock from our warehouse. If you need boxes with the new labels, please let us know when you place the order so that we can pick it accordingly. Once we’ve checked availability in our warehouse, we can ensure you receive the newer boxes.

On request, we’ll also be happy to issue a declaration of conformity stating that DEBATIN grip-seal bags are food safe, and include this certificate with your order.

DEBAGRIP® bags also available in Blue Angel-certified quality

Standard bags from the DEBAGRIP® range are made of environmentally friendly polyethylene, which can be recycled, and does not harm groundwater or emit poisonous gases when incinerated.

Alongside our virgin quality (1A quality) bags, we can also deliver Blue Angel-certified DEBAGRIP® bags on request. These are made of PCR film (post-consumer recycled material / recycled polyethylene film). Grip-seal bags made of PCR film are very environmentally friendly and very easy to recycle. However, please note that these bags do not have a glass fork symbol and are not specified for use as food contact material. In practice, they are used for a wide range of purposes. For example, Engel, a clothing manufacturer that uses only natural textiles, has chosen these sustainable bags to package and mail their orders. At the end of the day, they’re a planet-friendly option – regardless of what you use them for.

DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags – carbon neutrality and our CO2 calculator

In line with our holistic sustainability strategy, we produce our DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags carbon neutrally – like all other DEBATIN products. We do so without adding anything to the product price, simply because it’s important for the environment. We see it as our contribution to climate protection. If you want to play your part and reduce your own carbon footprint, try using our CO2 calculator to find out exactly how much CO2 you save when you opt for our sustainable products.

DEBAMED Speci-Bag 95 kPA – for transporting biological samples in compliance with ADR regulations

We developed our DEBAMED® secondary packaging to comply with the long list of special legal regulations for packaging and transporting category B (UN 3373) biological samples and substances by road or air. We also offer transport packaging and other products for use in medical environments. This is a highly sensitive area in which standard plastic bags or grip-seal bags fall far short of meeting legal requirements. Individuals or companies involved in the transport of biological samples and substances (e.g., in laboratories, doctors’ surgeries or hospitals) need to comply with all statutory requirements, supply correct lab results and ensure the safety of anyone who handles the delivery. We talked about this in more detail in our DEBAMED® webcast on “ADR-compliant transport of samples and COVID-19 tests”, which met with considerable interest.

Are you looking for a food-safe, environmentally friendly (customised) packaging solution? 

Do you have very specific requirements and need a mailing and packaging solution that meets them all? Or would you like to know more about our food-safe DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags and how they can be customised? We’ll be happy to support and advise you! Contact our sales team by phone on +49 7251 8009 100 or send an email to vertrieb@debatin.de.

We look forward to hearing from you!