Recently we invited you to take a look at our DEBATIN sustainability report. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be uploading this voluntary report chapter by chapter.

This week, we’d like to introduce you to DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags. Made of sustainable PCR film (post-consumer recycled material), they’re our planet-friendly alternative to DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags made of transparent PE film. 

Our sustainable DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags contain at least 80 % PCR material and are made from used, recycled polyethylene film. Not only are they extremely environmentally friendly, they’re also very easy to recycle after use. Manufactured in Germany, our PCR DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags can be made to order in custom sizes, with or without the Blue Angel logo. 

These bags not only reach their destination reliably, they’re also resource-friendly and associated with lower greenhouse gas emissions during production and transport. Like all DEBATIN products, they’re produced carbon neutrally. This makes them the ideal, planet-friendly solution for online shops and mail order companies – one shining example being Engel, a clothing manufacturer that uses only natural textiles and has transitioned to our bags for mailing its products.

The carbon footprint for PCR bags is half the size of that for similar products made from 100 % petroleum-based raw materials (new, grade 1A film).

Important: Please note that DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags made of sustainable PCR film are not certified for contact with food! If you need food-safe grip-seal bags, we recommend our transparent PE bags in virgin quality (grade 1A). Printed with the wine glass and fork symbol, DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags from our standard range are available in a range of sizes and thicknesses. These bags are resealable, tear-proof and food-safe. 

DEBAGRIP® grip-seal bags made of sustainable PCR film: sizes and minimum order quantities

Interior size

(excl. tag) in mm

Minimum order quantity


Film thickness


Blue Angel logo
150 x 220 130,000 60 Yes
160 x 220 120,000 60 Yes
180 x 250 100,000 60 Yes
200 x 300 75,000 50 Yes
250 x 350 50,000 50 Yes
300 x 400 40,000 50 Yes

Other sustainable DEBATIN products and solutions


Self-adhesive document pouches made of tear-proof, recyclable PE film (polyethylene).


Self-adhesive document pouches made of environmentally friendly, FSC®-certified glassine or kraft paper.


Mailing bags made of tear-proof, recyclable PE film. 

DEBAPOST® Second Life

Mailing bags made of PCR film in Blue Angel quality (more than 80 % recycled film).


Bags made of tear-proof FSC®-certified kraft paper (brown or white).

DEBAPOST® Paper Second Life

Brown mailing bags made of 100 % tear-proof recycled paper. Special feature: doubles afterwards as a compostable bin liner for organic waste.

For more information on our range of DEBAPOST® mailing bags, please click here.

The right carbon-neutral packaging and mailing solutions for your requirements

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