DEBATIN manufactures mailing and packaging solutions – but we don’t stop there. We’re known for our flexibility, experience and innovation. Coupled with an extremely high level of professionalism, these strengths enable us to respond swiftly to customer enquiries and develop truly individual, customised solutions. 

Regardless of whether your priority is on genuinely recyclable, carbon-neutral materials, special closures, trackability or tamper-evident packaging – our specialists have the expertise and experience to ask the right questions and get all the details exactly right. They’re also full of ideas and shine at thinking outside the box. We believe professional expertise goes hand in hand with in-depth advice and support, and are also happy to offer advisory services in English or French to our international customers.

Our marketing and development team thinks and acts in processes, solutions and services. We’re adept at pinpointing potential and opportunities, and focus consistently on benefitting you, our customers.

Our unique selling point: uniquely customised solutions

Customised solutions should always match customer requirements exactly, be distinctive, and meet the specific needs of the respective field or industry. Over the years, we’ve developed special solutions for a wide range of fields and industries as diverse as online retail, CVIT (e. g., banks), the police (particularly forensics and criminal evidence), or laboratories, hospitals and doctors (e.g., ADR-compliant transport of samples and COVID-19 tests). 

Examples of special customised solutions

We’ve developed customised packaging solutions for numerous clients including Engel GmbH (a clothing manufacturer that uses only natural textiles), LKV Bayern (a livestock advisory board) and Triple2 Sportswear GmbH. We were also heavily involved in the development and introduction of special security bags for shipping modules for the German government’s “Smart Meter Gateway” programme.

Award-winning innovations

In addition to our extensive experience, we have a reputation for being extremely committed and innovative. In fact, we’ve even won awards – last year, after putting our innovation management to the test by entering the TOP 100 innovation competition, we emerged victorious as one of the most innovative SMEs in Germany.

Naturally, our customers and partners benefit from our innovative approach. But truth be told, so do we! In 2020, for example, it helped us respond swiftly to the COVID-19 pandemic and master not only the immediate challenges but also the long-term repercussions. Given that our products are used for delivering cash and transporting medical samples, we class as a critical industry and were able – indeed, were required – to keep our production and customer support up and running (after implementing internal hygiene measures and enabling as many colleagues as possible to work from home). Not only did we succeed, but we were actually able to respond better and faster than we initially believed possible. In part, our success in weathering the storms of 2020 was undoubtedly due to the growth of the DEBATIN Group (after acquiring L.E.S.S. France) and the addition of the DEBAMED® range to our portfolio. However, feedback clearly shows that our success was also due to our approach to sustainability and carbon neutrality. From a financial perspective, this approach is not always easy – but we pursued it consistently through 2020, and are fully committed to pursuing it in the future.

Webcasts and online meetings – good for people, good for the environment

In 2020, we responded to altered circumstances by quickly expanding our DEBATIN Academy programme and creating our first ever webcast for customers. Wherever possible, we shifted work into the virtual world and arranged for meetings and consultations to be held online. At first, it definitely felt strange and unfamiliar for all of us, colleagues and customers alike – particularly in sales. Nonetheless, it worked. In fact, it worked extremely well! Alongside helping to reduce infection rates, online meetings have other big advantages:

  1. They reduce travel
  2. They enable colleagues to engage in multiple meetings in a single day
  3. They are more efficient

In turn, less travel…

  • Protects our planet
  • Reduces traffic on the roads
  • Forces us to plan remaining trips more carefully (thus cutting costs and distances travelled)
  • Reduces wear and tear on our vehicles

Claiming new territory – recognising and seizing opportunities

DEBATIN has a reputation for being open to change and striking out in new directions. This mindset infuses the entire DEBATEAM. COVID-19 changed the world, and it did so with amazing speed. But it also opened new windows of opportunity, new approaches to business, and new horizons. We’ve been busy mining these opportunities, and are still plumbing their full depths – we firmly believe that claiming new territory and developing new strategies are inherent to progress and development. This holds true for internal work processes as well as for environmental sustainability, procurement strategies, materials development…

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